Bonds close to elusive ring

Giants take 3-2 series lead into tonight's Game 6

Knight Ridder Newspapers

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- On the possible eve of a coronation, San Francisco star Barry Bonds kept up the stoic front.

"I won't feel anything until it's over," Bonds said. "I'm like that surfer boy. I just want to surf, dude. I don't want to own a store. I just want to go to the ballpark, do my job like anybody else and go home."

Those from his inner circle know better. Bonds' heart races, because he stands on the verge of an accomplishment that would seal his standing as the elite player of this generation.


One more San Francisco victory, and no one can ever again say Bonds is not a winner. "I'm very happy about it, because Barry is 38 now," said Willie Mays, who is Bonds' godfather. "He may not have another shot at it. I think he'd like it right now."

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