BOWLING No doubt, a season to remember

It was a season to remember.

To say that the local association had a great year would be an understatement. There was a record 60 perfect games rolled by local bowlers, including four by Matt Kirkham.

Adam Apo, Randy Albrecht and Rob Downer were on a tear, each rolling three perfect games.

The junior bowlers got in on the perfect action with 300 games each from Brice Gilbertson and Aaron Littlefield.

Susan Krueger rolled the first perfect game in local women's history near mid-season. Last week Krueger rolled her fourth 700 series of the season, finishing with a 706 on games of 247, 237 and 222.


For the second year in a row, a woman reached the 800 plateau, with Andrea Garrison reacahing that milestone in Stewartville. Last year Becky Kruger rolled an 800 series.

As the sport continues to reach new technology ideas, I can only imagine what lies ahead for our competitive bowlers.

On the national scene this year, we had to say goodbye to a legend, Dick Weber. He was a pioneer for the sport, giving it national exposure through his domination of the game and by his sincerity that he showed to anyone he met. His skill and love for the game was evident in all that he did and it is the general feeling that we may never see a bowler of his stature again.

Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to a local legend with the passing of Lyle Mallan.

Mallan had a talent for the game that few bowlers possessed. Even in his later years, he had consistency and accuracy that frustrated many a bowler who had to bowl against him. Mallan always had time to talk and help any bowler asked.

I consider myself blessed to have learned some of his wisdom in my early years of bowling and say thank you Lyle for everything that you did for our sport.

Have a wonderful summer. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this season and look forward to bringing you all the action again next year.

Remember to practice and have fun.


Top 2004-2005 averages

(Minimum 36 games)


Men, Adam Apoo (239), Rob Downer (237); women, Susan Krueger (215), Barb McGovern (195); juniors, Brandon Hanson (226), Erin Chambers (206).


Men, Brett Scott (227), Randy Albrecht (224); women, Sue Feind (196), Shirley McCallum (190); juniors, Ryan Messmer (206), Hunter VonWald (197).


Men, Glenn Rausch (226), Mel Tollefsrud (223); women, Donata Kitchens (191), Sheila Bitz (188), Rozana Roeder (194).



Men, Morris Schutz (228), Todd Uptagrafft (227); women, Rita Dinsdale (194), Andrea Garrison (194); juniors, Collin Pearson (205), Jared Bushman (196).

Weekly recap


John Fejedelem 269, Phil Jacobson 268, Jeff Hanson 266, Eric Gustafson 264, Joe Feind 263.


Phil Jacobson 734, Wayne Pollack 726, Jeff Hanson 713, Matt Kirkham 690.


Susan Krueger 247, 237, 222, Carol Zwarych 226, Lisa Feenstra 225, Stacy Filkins 220.


Susan Krueger 706, Elaine Torkelson 586, Cindy Novotne 581, Carol Hanson 563.

Year-to-date top five

(B-Byron, C-Colonial, P-Pine Island, R-Recreation, S-Stewartville)


832–Chad; Behnken (C); 826–Adam; Apo (C); 824–Matt; Kirkham (C); 823–Todd; Uptagrafft (S); 817–Kevin; Chapman (B).


300–Rich; Gillette (C), Matt Kirkham (4) (C), John Meitzner (2) (C), Tim Kreps (R), Morrie Schutz (2) (S), Brett Scott (R), Tim Shanklin (B), Doug Uptagrafft (S), Bill Nelson (R), Adam Apo (3) (C), Todd Mallan (C), Todd Uptagrafft (2) (S), Glenn Rausch (B), Mike Axtman (2)(B) (C), Mike Mallan (2) (C), Randy Albrecht (3) (R), Tim Liepold Jr. (B), Mitch Narveson (B) , Mike Hansen (B), Dave Hart (P), Paul Reese (P), Steve Sagdalen (S), Bob Stricke (R), Dan Hasley (C), Dan Hanson (C), Todd Tepley (C), Brice Gilbertson (Jr)(C), John Fejedelem (C), Mark S. Nelson (R), Jeff Janet (R), Tony Simon (2) (B), Doug Schweiger (B), Bob Fauver (S), Brian Floen (2) (B) (C), Tom Wacholtz (B), Kevin Chapman (B), Matt Lammers (R), Mark Hanson (C), Aaron Hasley (S), Rob Downer (3) (C), Smokey Pater (C), Dave Gosha (R), Aaron Littlefield (Jr)(R); 299–; Dave Adams (C), Mike Pearse (C), Tom Wacholtz (P), Todd Mallan (C), Matt Lindquist (C), Adam Apo (C), Tim Reynolds (C), Jay Orr (B), Matt Kirkham (C), Rick Laber (S), Mike Axtman (B), Kevin Heydt (R), Dale Storm (R), Trent Truax (R), John Tower (R), Jim Goller (C), Pat Chambers; (C), Jesse Truax (R), Matt Floen (S), Lew Means (R), Rob Downer (C), Lucas Hamann (C), Dan Litzinger (C), Mark Moehnke (R), Mike Hain (C); 298–Mel; Durden (C), Jason Wilker (B), Chris Case (R), Fred Garske (C), Chris Hough (2) (B), Jeff Baxter (C), Ron Peck (R), Brian Floen (C) 297–Mike; Fauver (S), Chris Case (R), Rich Gillette (C), Rob Gilbertson (C), Tony Condon (C); 296–Smokey; Pater (C), Mark Condon (C).


800–Andrea; Garrison (S) (715); 758–Susan; Krueger (C) (727, 717, 706, 696, 694, 691); 695–Nicki; Olive (C); 691–Barb; McGovern (C); 689–Donata; Kitchens (B).


300–Susan; Krueger (C) (279, 3 –; 278's); 288–Andrea; Garrison (S); 278–Barb; McGovern (C); 277–Sheila; Bitz (B); 274–Donata; Kitchens (B).

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