BOWLING Pater is perfect, two others close

One bowler found perfection, and there were a few near misses last week.

Smokey Pater led the way, picking up his first perfect game of the season while bowling at Colonial Lanes.

Coming close were Dan Litzinger and Lucas Hamann, each rolling 299 games, also at Colonial. Chris Case nearly broke through the 800 barrier, but had to settle for a 791 series at Recreation Lanes.

Cindy Novotne took high-game honors for the ladies with a 253 game at Colonial. Not far behind was Barb McGovern, who rolled a 252, which was part of the high series (664) of the week.

At the Minnestoa Women's State Tournament, Sue Odegarden and Denise Glarner are currently leading the doubles division 1 -- handicapped.


Hall of fame inductees

The 2005 Rochester Bowling Hall of Fame nominations has been announced. For the women, in the Pioneer Category is Vi Terpenning and under the Meritorious Category is Shirley Leth and Dora Mae Mase.

Dora Mae Mase was just inducted into the Minnesota Hall of Fame under the same category.

The nominations for the men are Superior Performance, Dave Hasley and Morris Schutz; Meritorious Service, Jerry Morrow.

Induction ceremonies will be held in September.

Tournament schedule

Amateur Bowlers Tour, April 23-24, Village North, Brooklyn Park, Minn.

Weekly recap



Smokey Pater 300, Lucus Hamann 299, Dan Litzinger 299, Todd Uptagrafft 279, 268, Reed Nordyke 279, Lynn Rose 279, Chris Case 278, 267, Harley Novotne 278, Tim Reynolds 269, Kyle Walters 269, John Tower 268, Brett Scott 267, Mel Tollefsrud 267, Rick Vaughn 267, Dave Adams 266, Todd Indykiewicz 266, Jerry Riemersma 265, Chad Behnken 264, Ron Peck 261.


Chris Case 791, Brett Scott 774, 723, 710, Todd Uptagrafft 764, Jerry Riemersma 749, Lucas Hamann 730, Bob Fauver 725, Lynn Rose 721, Lew Means 717, Tom Wacholtz 715, Dan Pureber 714, Reed Nordyke 709, Dean Pankow 709, Todd Indykiewicz 707, Mark Bennett 706, Derek Weber 702, Ron Peck 700, Glenn Rausch 699, Dan Hasley 698, Chad Garness 697, Todd Hanson 696, Tim Liepold Jr. 695, Tom Novotne 693, Scott Davis 692, Mike Hain 690.


Cindy Novotne 253, Barb McGovern 252, 224, Wendy Granrud 247, Nicki Olive 234, Rozana Roeder 234, Susan Krueger 227, Cheryl Hasley 226, Kathy Betz 225, Rose Laabs 225, Dede Lenton 224, Becky Kruger 223, Monica Young 223, Diane Erickson 221, Beth Holmgren 221.


Barb McGovern 664, 586, Monica Young 653, Becky Kruger 646, Wendy Granrud 645, Cindy Novotne 629, Susan Krueger 625, 616, Cheryl Hasley 621, Shirley McCallum 619, Mary Chambers 611, Rozana Roeder 607, Nicki Olive 589, Vicki Schoonover 582, Brenda Arneson 579, Cherise Schultz 568, Kim Davis 564, Kris Terrill 563, Diane Erickson 558, Janice Patterson 553, Dede Lenton 552, Jessie Shanklin 552, Linda Hasley 551, Angie Ziemann 551.



Dale Schwartz 247, 202, Bob Frey 232, Jack Cords 225, 215, Loren Johnson 202, Herb Pelnar 201, Ray Krolak 200, John Rink 200.


Jack Cords 622, Dale Schwartz 608.


Joyce Pelnar 206, Viola Nelsen 195, 190, Betty Milbrandt 191, 187, Isabel Smith 184.


Viola Nelsen 552, Betty Milbrandt 550, Joyce Pelnar 504.


Brandon Hanson 709 series, Sean Feind 276, Aaron Littlefield 267, Chris Mallan 233, Jesse McKinney 230, Bradley Fasbender 226, Cass Milks 220, Alex Lindahl 219, Kara Roeder 210, Alex Block 208, 199, Matt Klein 203, Tom Hodge 202, Jennifer Wagner 199, Matthew Breitbarth 175, Shane Uptagrafft 171, Ryan Jacobson 153, Jake Thomas 151, Seth Rash 147, 135, James Hanly 145, Noah Johnson 145, Brandon Nelson 142, Jake Barrett 128.

Year-to-date top five

(B-Byron, C-Colonial, P-Pine Island, R-Recreation, S-Stewartville)


832-Chad Behnken (C); 826-Adam Apo (C); 824-att Kirkham (C); 823-Todd Uptagrafft (S); 817-Kevin Chapman (B).


300-Rich Gillette (C), Matt Kirkham (4) (C), John Meitzner (2) (C), Tim Kreps (R), Morrie Schutz (2) (S), Brett Scott (R), Tim Shanklin (B), Doug Uptagrafft (S), Bill Nelson (R), Adam Apo (3) (C), Todd Mallan (C), Todd Uptagrafft (2) (S), Glenn Rausch (B), Mike Axtman (2)(B) (C), Mike Mallan (2) (C), Randy Albrecht (3) (R), Tim Liepold Jr. (B), Mitch Narveson (B) , Mike Hansen (B), Dave Hart (P), Paul Reese (P), Steve Sagdalen (S), Bob Stricke (R), Dan Hasley (C), Dan Hanson (C), Todd Tepley (C), Brice Gilbertson (Jr)(C), John Fejedelem (C), Mark S. Nelson (R), Jeff Janet (R), Tony Simon (2) (B), Doug Schweiger (B), Bob Fauver (S), Brian Floen (B), Tom Wacholtz (B), Kevin Chapman (B), Matt Lammers (R), Mark Hanson (C), Aaron Hasley (S), Rob Downer (2) (C), Smokey Pater (C); 299-Dave Adams (C), Mike Pearse (C), Tom Wacholtz (P), Todd Mallan (C), Matt Lindquist (C), Adam Apo (C), Tim Reynolds (C), Jay Orr (B), Matt Kirkham (C), Rick Laber (S), Mike Axtman (B), Kevin Heydt (R), Dale Storm (R), Trent Truax (R), John Tower (R), Jim Goller (C), Pat Chambers (C), Jesse Truax (R), Matt Floen (S), Lew Means (R), Rob Downer (C), Lucas Hamann (C), Dan Litzinger (C);

298-Mel Durden (C), Jason Wilker (B), Chris Case (R), Fred Garske (C), Chris Hough (2) (B), Jeff Baxter (C), Ron Peck (R), Brian Floen (C); 297-Mike Fauver (S), Chris Case (R), Rich Gillette (C), Rob Gilbertson (C) 296-Smokey Pater (C), Mark Condon (C).


800-Andrea Garrison (S) (715); 758-Susan Krueger (C) (727, 717, 696, 694, 691); 695-Nicki Olive (C); 691-Barb McGovern (C); 689-Donata Kitchens (B).


300-Susan Krueger (C) (279, 3 –; 278's); 288-Andrea Garrison (S); 278-Barb McGovern (C); 277-Sheila Bitz (B); 274-Donata Kitchens (B).

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