BOX: Four associates of convicted terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman #x2013;; his attorney Lynne Stewart, Mohammed Yousry, Ahmed Abdel Sattar and Yassir Al-Sirri #x2013;; were indicted Tuesday on five counts of illegally passing information from

Here are some of the alleged incidents detailed in the indictment.

March, 1999 –; all four defendants are accused of relying messages from Abdel-Rahman to his group to follow a cease-fire order and rejecting a plan form a political party in Egypt.

September, 1999 –; Sattar and Yousry allegedly helped pass Abdel-Rahman's message to his group saying to consider ending the cease-fire in response to an Egyptian police raid that killed four members of IG.

May 19, 2000: Yousry read letters from Sattar to Abdel-Rahman during a visit to Rochester. Stewart tried to conceal the converstion in Arabic from the prison guards by speaking loudly in English.

May 20, 2000 –; Abdel-Rahman dictated letters to Yousry about his decision to withdraw his support for the cease-fire. Stewart again spoke loudly to distract the guards.


June 14, 2000 –; Stewart released a statement from Abdel-Rahman to the media about his withdrawal of support for the cease-fire. This action violated the Special Admistrative Measures, which are imposed on the sheik and his attorney.

Oct. 4, 2000 –; Sattar called Al-Sirri and read him a fatwah, titled "Fatwah Mandating the Bloodshed of Israelis Everywhere" to be issued in the sheik's name.

Oct. 5, 2000 –; the fatwah appeared on a Web site run by Al-Sirri.

Oct. 20, 2000 –; during an attorney phone call from Manhattan, the sheik told Yousry his did not issue the fatwah, but he did not want anyone to deny he made it because "it is good."

December, 2000:Sattar spoke with Ahed Abdel-Rahmen, one of Abdel-Rahman's sons, who was working the al-Qaida terrorist group in Afghanistan. the younger Abdel-Rahman said he needed money.

Jan. 8, 2000:Sattart spoke with Stewart by telephone and told her that the Federal medical center administrator had pleaded with the sheik's wife to get him to take his medicine. Sattar and Stweart agreed though Abdel-Rahman was voluntarily refusing to take his insulin for diabetes, Sattar would isse a public statement saying the prison was dening his treatment. Stewart said that would be "safe," because no one on the "outside" would know the truth.

April 2002

Abdel-Rahman is removed from the Federal Medical Center in Rochester after his attorney, translator and two others are indicted on charges of obtaining and then disseminating the sheik's instructions to Islamic extremists.

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