Branson trip was full of Christmas cheer

It was Christmas come early as we wrapped up another holiday trip in Branson, Mo. It’s like a tradition as we made our way this past week to see the "Magic of Christmas," with both new shows and familiar stops.

The Tossed Rolls resturant south of Springfield, Mo., continues to be a fun and delicious stop, as the staff there put us quickly in the Ozark spirit with their hospitality. Along with generous portions, the waitstaff serves up sides or "pass-arounds" such as fried okra, black-eyed peas, fried potatoes, and, of course, hot rolls, which are thrown to us at the table as we wait for the honey or sorghum to come around.

As new shows arrive in Branson, the Sight and Sound Christian Theater, which opened in Branson in May of this year, was a real highlight in so many ways. It was all breathtaking. Taking two years to build this four-story ark, "Noah" was a unique production with a cast of over 30 live animals and hundreds of animatronic animals of every, color, shape and size. It’s a moving experience as the stage wraps around the audience and we see all the animals in their cages. This is a show not to be missed on a visit there.

Daniel O’Donnell, the "youthful" Irish singer and entertainer, continues to perform to sellout crowds. He has shortened his Branson visits so he can travel worldwide.

"Six" was another of the new shows recently to have opened, which features six brothers putting their musical talents together using only their voices to play stage or orchestra music.


"Red, Hot, and Blue" took us back to the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s as the cast danced and sang with glamorous costumes and fast-moving productions. 

Our final show was the Christmas show along with a beautiful salute to all the veterans as they recognized each branch. We listed to Tony Orlando sing it so well. Three of the orginal Lennon Sisters (formerly with "The Lawrence Welk Show") didn’t seem to age, nor did their voices.     

Even though we have visited Branson often, there still are a lot of shows and activites there to see in other seasons, with new experiences guaranteed for people of all ages.


Nov. 22 — "Country Christmas Celebration" in Lakeville will depart at 9:45 a.m. at our usual area, south of King Buffet. (Waiting list only)

Dec. 4 — Bachman’s trip and Macy’s Christmas. Reservations are due Thursday. We do have openings for this one-day on-your-own trip.

Dec. 9 — A preview of an Alaskan cruise and Denali National Park tour in 2009. 2 p.m. at the Travel Office. Public invited.

Dec. 31-Jan.1 — New Years Eve Gala at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. With many winning awards, "The Producers" is the main event. The evening will feature special menus and a night entirely under the Chanhassen roof as you can visit other theaters there for comedy entertainment, dance music and improv with some of the Chanhassen cast. Reservations for this trip are due Thursday. We will be departing at 1 p.m. and enjoying some free time at our accomodations at the Holiday Inn Express there. Join us.


Just a note — Dec. 12’s "White Christmas" is filled and waiting list space is all that’s left. (But openings do happen.)

Evie Mohrfeld writes a weekly column about upcoming travel with the Mower County Senior Center.

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