BRIEFS French's adds a new flavor twist to its Potato Sticks, making the salty snack even zestier. In addition to the existing Original and BBQ flavors, French's introduces the French's Potato Sticks Pizza Party flavor. The convenient 7-ounce resealable c

Cherry Chip ba da Bing, Nothing But Chocolate! and Banana Split top off a "full house" of 21 Edy's Dreamery flavors available in supermarkets and convenience stores nationally. Suggested retail price is $3.40 for pint containers. To find out where new flavors have recently been delivered in your neighborhood, log on to Dreamery's unique Flavor Finder at

Top 10 list of dangerous dining

The foods most likely to lead to accidents if you're eating or drinking while driving, according to the August issue of Shape magazine:

1. Coffee

2. Hot soup


3. Tacos

4. Chili

5. Hamburgers

6. Barbecued food

7. Fried chicken

8. Jelly-and-cream-filled doughnuts

9. Soft drinks

10. Chocolate


Dream up dairy

The "Mix it with Milk 'n Motts" contest offers prizes of a $5,000 scholarship, a trip to New York City and more to the kids who concoct the most creative flavors of milk. Kids between the ages of 6 and 12 are eligible to enter the contest, which ends Oct. 15. Each entry must contain one cup of white milk, 1/2 cup of Mott's Apple Sauce or Mott's Fruitsations and at least one other ingredient. For more information about the contest, visit

State Fair contests

The Minnesota State Fair is offering the following contests. To enter, contact the entry department at (651) 642-2200.

Pull out your favorite pie recipe or tap into your creativity for the Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust Championship. The first-place pie will win $125 and an engraved silver pie server.

The Kids' Gold Medal Cookie Contest, a new baking competition that inspires kids between the ages of 8 and 13 to create, bake and decorate a cookie based on their favorite book. The contest, sponsored by Gold Medal flour, will award a total of $250 local cash prizes, plus a $1,000 national grand prize for the best cookie in America.

Free stuff

Having a party? Make the most of it with "It's Cocktail Time," a recipe brochure from Mr. &; Mrs. T cocktail mixers, Rose's Lime Juice, Margaritaville Margarita Mix and Mauna La'i tropical drinks. It includes cocktail appetizer ideas, along with alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. You'll also find a chart on how many drinks are in different-sized bottles and a guide to the average number of drinks you can figure on guests consuming at various social functions. For a copy, call 1-800-426-4891.


Love those lemons

Lemons are taken for granted, Lori Longbotham contends in "Lemon Zest" (Broadway, $16). And she makes a convincing argument for treasuring this practical, zesty, multipurpose fruit. Her 175 recipes for sides, entrees and desserts are alluring, as are some wonderful items in the lemonade chapter -- tarragon-honeydew lemonade, anyone? What also sets this book apart are chapters on lemon pantry items (vinegars, oils and tempting condiments such as lemon-coriander salt and lemon dust), zesting tips, myriad garnishes and lemon's non-food uses in the kitchen (it's a potent cleaner). The book is available at some Barnes &; Noble bookstores and on the Internet at

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