Bush’s unfettered propaganda machine

First off, through clenched teeth, I’d like to thank Bush administration officials for their consummate efforts to reach a new zenith in the whoring of America.

The New York Times has recently explained how the Pentagon has used former military officers as talking-head mouthpieces for government "talking points."

Some analysts acknowledge they suppressed doubts because they feared jeopardizing their access. Most of these analysts were also defense industry consultants who made a lot of money by going along to get along.

The orchestrated propaganda began before the Iraq War and has continued nonstop. The old Soviet Union’s Pravda would be proud and amazed by this easy manipulation of the masses.

A few ex-generals with flag lapel pins and patriotic spiel, all well choreographed for maximum impact, left anti-war opponents looking like unknowledgeable defeatists, shouting in distant cordoned "free speech" internments.


The corporate media has acknowledged that they paid little attention to the obvious conflicts of interests involved with the ex-military officers and their defense consultant jobs. Actually Fox news has made no comment on this, and surprise, surprise, the largest contingent of Pentagon mouthpieces was affiliated with Fox news.

For the military-industrial complex it’s just business, but in an ironic twist to market-oriented capitalism, truth is that rare commodity that has very little value in America.

Greg Rendahl


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