Dear Dave: I work in a small department at my company and we are always busy. That is good, because it means we should be able to keep our jobs. Our problem is our manager. He really tries hard to make plans and he tries hard to help the department hit goals. However, a few of us were thinki…

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Chris Blade has been named publisher of the Rochester Post Bulletin, a move announced Wednesday by parent company Forum Communications.

Hi, Helaine: A few weeks ago, I attended a neighbor's house party. She invited me and a bunch of other gals over for coffee, mimosas, brunch and to view a clothing line a friend of hers is selling. After I said yes, I went online and saw the clothing line was a company where the seller earns…

A man laughs hysterically in the short video that's racked up nearly 1 million likes, as the plastic packet of frozen macaroni and cheese is dropped into a boiler, cut open and then poured into a bowl ready to serve. The woman who posted the clip gives a thumbs-up in the hat that marks her a…

Boeing will invest $20 million in Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic to help it develop technologies that would allow for high-speed transportation to ferry passengers across the globe faster than the speed of sound, and possibly through space.

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