While the pandemic is bringing many things to a screeching halt, new U.S. patents are still being issued every Tuesday, adding to the tally for local inventors.

Earlier this week, 17 patents were issued that included at least one Rochester inventor. That brings the Med City's total to 170 patents for 2020, so far.

That tracks with 2019's total of 726 patents with a Rochester inventor.

Of the 17 patents issued on Tuesday, 13 were issued to local IBM inventors. Two went to Mayo Clinic inventors. 

The other two patents went to local inventors working for Geneticure and Xcede Technologies.

Geneticure, created by two brothers — Scott and Dr. Eric Snyder — who grew up in the Med City, has an office in downtown Rochester, though it is based in Minnetonka. The genetic testing firm was launched in 2013. It is based on research by Dr. Eric Synder at the University of Arizona.

Patent #10,590,485 for Geneticure's "Therapeutic regimen for hypertension" was issued to the Snyder brothers and Ryan Sprissler of Tucson, Ariz. on Tuesday.

The patent describes their work as "The invention relates to improved methods, devices and kits for identifying and implementing an appropriate treatment regimen for subjects suffering from hypertension."

Seattle-based Xcede, which makes hemostatic and surgical sealants, originally launched in Rochester. It's subsidiary of Dynasil Corp. of America, acquired Mayo Clinic technology initially invented by Dr. Daniel Ericson in 2011. It moved to Seattle in 2015. Mayo Clinic and Rochester Economic Development Inc. are investors.

Patent #10,588,998 for Xcede's "Adhesive compositions and related methods" was issued to Dr. Ericson of Rochester and Kyle Brandy of New Hope on Tuesday.

The patent describes their creation as "Adhesive compositions and patches, and associated systems, kits, and methods, are generally described. Certain of the adhesive compositions and patches can be used to treat tissues (e.g., in hemostatic or other tissue treatment applications), according to certain embodiments."

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