Clintons raked in $109 million since 2000

By David Lightman and William Douglas

McClatchy Newspapers



WASHINGTON — Hillary and Bill Clinton reported $20.4 million in income last year and a total of $109.2 million since 2000, as they released their long-awaited tax returns on Friday.

The Clintons paid $5.1 million in federal income taxes on their 2007 earnings and gave more than $3 million to charity.

The couple didn’t release an actual 2007 return, however, because they’re seeking an extension. They won’t pay additional taxes when that is filed.

The Clintons also released returns dating back to 2000. The data show that they paid $33.7 million in federal taxes, or about 31 percent of their adjusted gross income. They gave a total of $10.26 million to charity, or 9.5 percent of their adjusted gross income.

The eight-year income total was built in large part on former President Clinton’s $51.8 million in speech income and his $29.6 million in book proceeds. Clinton’s "My Life" brought in $23.3 million, while "Giving" earned him $6.3 million.

Hillary Clinton’s salary as a New York senator totaled $1 million, while her book income was $10.46 million. Most of the book money came from her memoir, "Living History."

Bill Clinton also received $1.2 million for his presidential pension.

In 2007 alone, the breakdown was:


—Senator Clinton’s salary: $150,200;

—Senator Clinton’s book royalties: $152,864;

—Former President Clinton’s pension: $186,600;

—Former President Clinton’s book income: $4,434,446;

—Former President Clinton’s speeches: $10,145,000;



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