CANDIDATE FILING UPDATE The following candidates have filed for southeastern Minnesota and statewide elective offices. All state and countywide candidates will be on the Sep. 10 primary ballot, as well as candidates in some of the larger cities and school

Entries in bold denote entries for Tuesday, the last day of the filing period.


U.S. Senate: Norm Coleman, Republican; Alve Erickson, DFL; Dick Franson, DFL; Miro Drago Kovatchevich, Constituion; Ed McGaa, Green; William McGaughey, Independence; Jim Moore, Independence; Jack Shepard, Republican; Ray Tricomo, Green; Paul Wellstone, DFL; Ronald Wills, Independence.

U.S. House: 1st District, Steve Andreasen, DFL. Gil Gutknecht, Republican. Greg Mikkelson, Green. Pedro Jesus Romero, Independence; 2nd District, Scott Beckman, Green. Samuel Garst, Republican. John Kline, Republican. Bill Luther, DFL; 3rd District, Jim Ramstad, Republican. Darryl Stanton, DFL; 4th District, Clyde Billington, Republican. Betty McCollum, DFL. Scott Raskiewicz, Green. Peter Vento, Independence; 5th District, Tim Davis, Green. Daniel Nielsen Mathias, Republican. Martin Olav Sabo, DFL; 6th District, Dan Becker, Independence. Mark R. Kennedy, Republican. Janet Robert, DFL; 7th District, Collin Peterson, DFL. Dan Stevens, Republican; 8th District, Bob Lemen, Republican. Warren Nelson, Republican. James Oberstar, DFL.



Governor and lieutenant governor: Lawrence Michael Aeshliman and Tamara Ann Houle, Constitution; Bill Dahn and Rome D. Hanson, Independence; Leslie Davis and Pete Wagner, Republican; Booker Hodges IV and Kamal Buchanan, Independent; Richard Klatte and Mark Allan Hanson, Green; Roger Moe and Julie Sabo, DFL; Tim Pawlenty and Carol Molnau, Republican; Tim Penny and Martha Robertson, Independence; Ken Pentel and Rhoda Gilman, Green; Kari Sachs and Samuel Farley, Socialist Workers; Ole Savior and Doug Lalone, DFL.

Secretary of State: Dean Alger, Independence; Hubert H. "Buck" Humphrey IV, Democrat; Mary Kiffmeyer, Republican; Andrew Koebrick, Green.

State Auditor: Pat Anderson Awada, Republican; Dave Berger, Green. Jual Carlos Carlson, Republican. Gregory Gray, DFL; Dave Hutcheson, Independence; Gregg Iverson, DFL; Carol Johnson, DFL; Todd Paulson, Independence.

Attorney General: Sharon Anderson, Republican; Dick Bullock, Independence; Mike Hatch, DFL; Tom Kelly, Republican; Dale Nathan, Independence.

Minnesota Senate: District 27, Terry Kelley, IP-Austin. Jennifer Leeann Ney, IP-Austin. Grace Schwab, R-Albert Lea. Dan Sparks, DFL-Austin; District 28, Gary Iocco, R-Red Wing. Steve Murphy, DFL-Red Wing; District 29, Jim Daley, IP-Byron. Dave Senjem, R-Rochester. Mike Tupper, DFL-Rochester; District 30, Howard Ives, IP-Rochester. Sheila Kiscaden, IP-Rochester. Rich Wright, DFL-Rochester. Lynn Zaffke, R-Rochester; District 31, Bob Kierlin, R-Winona. Sharon Ropes, DFL-Winona.

Minnesota House: District 27A, Dan Dorman, R-Albert Lea. Allan Halvorsen, DFL- Emmons; District 27B, Jeff Anderson, R-Austin. Jeanne Poppe, DFL-Austin; District 28A, Jerry Dempsey, R-Red Wing. Sandy Wollschlager, DFL-Cannon Falls; District 28B, Scott Metcalf, DFL-Kenyon. Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon; District 29A, Randy Demmer, R-Hayfield. Rodney Peterson, DFL-Kasson. Dan Raaen, IP-Byron; District 29B, Fran Bradley, R-Rochester. Paul Munnis, DFL-Rochester; District 30A, Joe Duffy, IP-Rochester. Tina Liebling, DFL-Rochester. Carla Nelson, R-Rochester; District 30B, Bill Kuisle, R-Rochester. Eric Starnes, DFL-Dover; District 31A, Justin Costello, R-Winona. Gene Pelowski, DFL-Winona; District 31B, Al Hein, DFL-Mabel. Greg Davids, R-Preston.

Supreme Court: Associate Justice, Paul H. Anderson. Jack Baker. Alan Lamkin.

Court of Appeals: Justice 1, Edward Toussaint, Jr.; Justice 5, Bruce D. Willis; Justice 8, Thomas Kalitowski; Justice 9, Roger M. Klaphake; Justice 10, Harriet Lansing; Justice 15, Robert H. Schumacher; Justice 16, Jeffrey Sloan. Terri Jean Stoneburner.


3rd Judicial District: Justice 1, Lawrence E. Agerter; Justice 7, Lawrence T. Collins; Justice 13, Donald E. Rysavy; Justice 14, Kevin A. Lund; Justice 16, James A. Fabian; Justice 17, Gerard W. Ring; Justice 18, Fred W. Wellmann; Justice 19, Robert R. Benson; Justice 20, Jodi Williamson; Justice 21, Joseph F. Wieners.


Dodge County: 1st District Commission, Klaus Alberts, Mark Lamphere, Linda Wunderlich; 2nd District Commission, Lyle Tjosaas; 3rd District Commission, David Erickson, Wayne McColley; 4th District Commission, Don D. Gray; 5th District Commission, David Hanson, Chuck Johnson, Paul Olson; Auditor/Treasurer, Janet Tripp; Recorder, Sue A. Alberts; Sheriff, Jim Jensen, Dennis Johnston, Gary Thompson; Attorney, Paul J. Kiltinen; Soil and water supervisor District 3, John Kvasnicka; Soil and water supervisor District 4, Orlo Toquam.

Fillmore County: 1st District Commission, Helen Bicknese; 2nd District Commission, Donald J. Boyum, Randall T. Dahl, Gary Olson; 3rd District Commission, Chuck Amunrud; 4th District Commission, Duane Bakke, Sandra Benson; Auditor/Treasurer, Philip R. Burkholder; Recorder, Richard W. Mensink; Sheriff, Jim Connolly; Attorney, Brett Corson, Eric Herendeen; Soil and water supervisor District 1, Brian Hazel; Soil and water supervisor District 2, Timothy Gossman.

Goodhue County: 1st District Commission, Roseanne Grosso, Barbara Koeller; 2nd District Commission, Nancy Mills, Richard Samuelson; 4th District Commission, Jim Bryant; 5th District Commission, John Howe, Nona Nelson, Bill Ogren, Ted Seifert; Auditor/Treasurer, Bradford Johnson; Recorder, Jean Dankers; Sheriff, Dean Albers; Attorney, Steve Betcher; Soil and water supervisor District 1, Paul Voxland; Soil and water supervisor District 2, Owen Knutson.

Houston County: 2nd District Commission, Larry Connery, Kevin Kelleher; 4th District Commission. Bill Beckman, Dave Corcoran, Melvin Davy, Jr.; Auditor, A. Peter Johnson; Treasurer, Audrey M. Petersen; Recorder, Beverly J. Bauer; Sheriff, Mike Lee, Randy Shefelbine; Attorney, Rick Jackson, Jr.; Soil and water supervisor District 1, Douglas Meyer; Soil and water supervisor District 2, Adolph Heimerdinger.

Mower County: 3rd District Commission, David Hillier; 4th District Commission, Dick Lang, Len Miller, Donna J. Olson; 5th District Commission, Garry E. Ellingson, Harry W. Willmott; Auditor, Sherwood "Woody" Vereide; Treasurer, Doug Groh, Lynn W. Koch; Recorder, Susan M. Davis; Sheriff, Terese Amazi, Michael Cherney, Todd Clennon; Attorney, Jonathan Olson, Patrick Flanagan, Patrick A. Oman.

Mower Soil and Water Conservation District: Supervisor, District 3: Stanley Bergan; Supervisor, District 4: William Lonergan Jr.


Olmsted County: 1st District Commission, Mike Podulke; 2nd District Commission, Kenneth W. Brown, Jeffrey Gustafson, Gerry Werven; 3rd District Commission, Joe Ericksen, Paul F. Wilson; 4th District Commission, Matt Flynn; 5th District Commission, James Bier, Pat Farrell, Daryl Gallagher, Neil Melquist; 6th District Commisioner, Frank Borchardt, Jean Michaels, Dave Perkins, Cory Sorgenfrie; 7th District Commission, Jeff Thompson; Attorney, Ray Schmitz and Fred Suhler; Sheriff, Steve Borchardt.

Olmsted Soil and Water Conservation District: Supervisor, District 2, Paul Uecker; Supervisor, District 3, Jo-Ann Wegman.

Wabasha County: 1st District Commission, Eugene McNallan; 2nd District Commission, Bruce Bartels, John Moechnig, Jim Poncelet, David Windhorst; 3rd District Commission, Dori Klein, Merl Norman, Donald Springer; 4th District Commission, Pete Riester, Edward Schuth; 5th District Commission, Dave Harms; Auditor/Treasurer, Jerry Leisen; Recorder, Jeffery R. Aitken; Sheriff, Rodney L. Bartsh, Curt Graff; Attorney, Jim Nordstrom; Soil and water supervisor District 1, John Sloan; Soil and water District 4, Thomas H. Gosse.

Winona County: 1st District Commission, Duane M. Bell; 2nd District Commission, Patrick Brown, Michael Charles Haney, Dwayne Voegeli; 3rd District Commission, Anthony Jerry Heim, Charles Meyer, Ron Wenzel; 4th District Commission, Dave J. Stoltman; 5th District Commission, Judy Gilow, Spencer Madsen, Marcia Ward; Auditor, Cherie Maclennan; Treasurer, Susanne Rivers; Recorder, Bob Bambenek; Sheriff, Dave Brand, Frosty Clegg; Attorney, Chuck Maclean; Soil and water supervisor District 1, Rudie Spitzer; Soil and water supervisor District 4, Vic Ormsby.


Rochester: Mayor, Ardell Brede, Chuck Canfield, Paul Myhrom, Shannon O'Neill, Al Schumacher; 1st Ward Council, Dennis Hanson; 3rd Ward Council, Jean McConnell, Bruce Snyder; 5th Ward Council, Peg Arnold, Bob Nowicki, Randy Staver.

Rochester School Board: Seat 2, Ann Lynch, Chris Miksanek; Seat 3, Tom O'Hanlon, April Gonzales-Moeller, James Pittinger, Gary Smith; Seat 4, Mohamoud Hamud, Darla Little, Mechelle Severson; Seat 5, Fred Daly, Trent Fluegel; Seat 6, Lynn Keeler, Kim Norton, Donald Williams.

Austin: Mayor, Bonnie Besse Rietz, Gary L. Hanson; At-large Council, Dick Chaffee, Wayne Goodnature; 1st Ward Council, Mickey Jorgenson, Vaughn (Spud) Bothun; 2nd Ward Council, Jeff Kritzer, Dick Pacholl; 3rd Ward Council, Gloria Nordin.

Austin Utilities Board: Vincent Lynch, Ron Felten, Frank Lorenzen.

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