CANDIDATE PROFILE BOX: 2nd Ward candidate - John Howe

Age: 37.

Address: 1306 Fourth St. S.W.

Family: Married, four children.

Employment: Manager, Howe Embroidery.

Education: Graduate of Pacelli High School and St. Cloud University.


Contact information: Phone, 437- 8620; e-mail,

Top three issues:

1. I would like to see more business expansion in Austin. We need the small businesses as well as the large businesses; with those businesses paying an adequate wage.

2. Strong public safety.

3. Controlling city spending: We need to put our resources into making Austin a safe community.

Candidate's statement:

I loved growing up in Austin and I would like to ensure that it stays a safe and fun place to raise a family.

Five questions of the candidate:


1. Have city spending cuts gone too deep? Yes.

2. Is illegal immigration a topic of concern in Austin? Yes.

3. Are necessary public safety functions adequately funded? Yes.

4. Has the city council provided efficient leadership for Austin and its

constituents? Yes.

5. Should the city property tax be raised to help cope with state aid budget

reductions and the demand for more services? Yes.

By Roxana Orellana


John Howe said he got sick of hearing everybody complain about how things are being done in Austin.

"I thought I could help a little bit, and thought I'd try this," Howe said.

The longtime Austin resident had thought about running a couple of times before, but there was never any time, and he was too busy to do anything. Now that his four children are getting a little older, Howe said, it's a good time to go for it.

Running for city council was also something his father always wanted to do, but he never had any time, either, Howe said.

Howe is a second-generation owner of the family business, Howe Advertising and Embroidery. He has been working in the shop with his parents since he was 13 years old. After finishing college, he returned to Austin and to the family business. Among his priorities for Austin is to help both small and large businesses expand.

As for his political background, Howe said he is "as far from a politician as you can get."

"I was born and raised in Austin and would like to contribute to the continuing strengths we have as well as bettering our community so it stays a great place to raise a family," Howe said.

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