Carcass of wild boar found in Iowa

Associated Press

SAGEVILLE, Iowa -- At first, Jim Sweeney thought the animal carcass he found near his supper club in northeast Iowa belonged to a deer. A closer look showed it was a wild boar.

State experts will do blood and DNA testing to be sure, but photos indicate the animal is a wild pig, said Dr. Dale Garner, chief of wildlife at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

"It's got pretty good tusks," Garner said.

Sweeney found the carcass near his home and business, Sweeney's Supper Club, on Monday.


Garner said wild pigs are increasing in number across the country and are known to be living in eight Iowa counties.

In most cases, state officials kill the animals due to concerns that swine brucellosis and pseudorabies will spread to pigs on Iowa farms, and because they are destructive to the environment and disturb other wildlife, Garner said.

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