Cartoonist sticks it to the mosquito

There's a new Ed Fischer book out, and this time he has come up with a way to deal with the dreaded mosquito -- tame it with laughter.

Fischer, the Post-Bulletin's editorial cartoonist, has kept himself busy over the years with a steady output of books. The latest is "101 Things to do With a Mosquito'' (Adventure Publications, $6.95).

The book is complete with a "mosquito index," which examines the life cycle of a mosquito and some fun facts, if that's possible, about the insect.

A sample of his unique cartoon ideas for using the mosquito:

Use as a Christmas ornament.


Put a mosquito in your purse so you don't spend so much money.

Use them as tacks.

Enjoy them as a Scandinavian snack.

The book is available at Barnes and Noble, Hunt Drug and Eagle Drug.

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