Cast of 'Scrubs' at work days before Emmy Awards

By Sandy Cohen

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- Television's biggest night -- the Primetime Emmy Awards -- is just a day away, but the cast and crew of "Scrubs," a best-comedy nominee, clearly have other things on their mind. Like work.

After a summer-long hiatus, the show returned to production last week, injecting life back into the vacant North Hollywood Hospital that serves as the set for the medical comedy.

Dogs roam the hallways and stars relax in their hospital, er, dressing rooms as crew members with walkie-talkies set up the day's shoot.


No one says anything about the Emmys. Because, they later explain, no one expects the show to win.

"Scrubs" is competing against "The Office," "Arrested Development," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Two and a Half Men."

Stars Donald Faison and Judy Reyes think victory is unlikely.

"We're expecting to lose to 'The Office,' just like every other show is," says Faison, who plays Turk, a surgeon.

Not that he's given much thought, yet, to his attire for the evening.

"It's not something where I've got my tux steamed already," he says. "It's an honor to be nominated, but I'd rather be home playing Xbox."

Reyes, who plays Turk's wife, nurse Carla, says she's eager to "gown it up" with her colleagues. But she's more excited about being back to work than she is about the possibility of taking home a trophy, she says.

"In the spirit of protecting ourselves, we're probably reserving our anticipation of the event for the actual evening," Reyes says. "I'm trying to keep it open in the universe, but it's not likely that we'll win."


She still plans to party though, if the production schedule allows.

"Between shooting the episodes, actually trying to make it to any of those events is going to be pretty tricky," Reyes says.

Despite the endorsement from the "Scrubs" cast, confidence wasn't exactly soaring at "The Office," where production also recently resumed.

Workers are excited, says executive producer Greg Daniels, but the schedule is so unforgiving that the women on the staff are shopping for dresses online.

"It's likely that we will show up without any good speeches written because we were working," he says.

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