Carl Cunningham III Memorial Scholarship: Ben Davies.

Catholic Aid Association Scholarship: Sara Mueller.

Century High School Booster Club Scholarship: Brita Carlson, Erin Schliep, Stephanie Schmitz, Cheryl Wick, Andrew Wille and Emily Wright.

Charter Communications Student Scholarship: Shauna Heathman.

Elle's Color Portraits Sports Scholarship: Jacob Newhall Courtney Zafft.


Express Personnel Scholarship: Stephanie Dodge.

Joyce L. Osborn Scholarship: David Diez and Sara Mueller.

Kellogg Middle School PTSA Scholarship: David Diez, Sonja Langton-Yanowitz, Melissa Lappin and Stephanie Schmitz.

Lincoln at Mann Alumni Scholarship: Kelsey Schwenk.

Lutheran Brotherhood Member Scholarship: Erin Schliep.

Minnesota PTSA Scholarship: Lisa Gabrielson.

Partners In Education Scholarship: Danielle Dudlext and Ben Luther.

Presidential Freedom/National Service Scholarship: Stephanie Dodge.


Rochester Area Foundation McGuire Family Scholarship: John Jans and Courtney Zafft.

Target All-Around Scholarship: Kelli Walsh.

Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholarship: David Diez, Meghan Finn, Cliff Lin and Andrew Wille.

Tom Kadlec Honda Outstanding Female Athletic and Academic Scholarship: Erin Schliep.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni Scholarship: Corey Wiltgen.

U.S. Air Force Scholarship: Scott VanOort.

U.S. Army Scholarship: Matthew Horvath.

William T. McCoy Post 92 "Americanism" Scholarship: Lane Trisko.


Zimmer Family Foundation Scholarship: Adam Will.

Academic awards

Elks Most Valuable Student: Stephanie Dodge.

Elks Special Scholarship Award: Lisa Gabrielson.

Elks Teenager of the Month: Katie Brietenbach, Melissa Graner, Melissa Lappin, Angela Mowrer, Katie Sanford, Stephanie Schmitz, Adam Tlougan, Sarah Vetter and Kelli Walsh.

Elks Teenager of the Year: Sarah Vetter.

National Merit College-sponsored Scholarship: Claire Kruesel and Andrew Wille.

National Merit Scholarship finalists: Claire Kruesel, Cliff Lin, Molly McBride, Stephanie Schmitz, Andrew Wille and Elizabeth Youngers.

National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation: Tim Brock, Kristin Buckner, Stephanie Dodge, Curtis Frank, Anastasia Jelatis-Hoke, Sonja Langton-Yanowitz, James Martenson, Megan Miller, Kelsey Schwenk, Scott VanOort and Sarah Vetter.

Rochester Rotary II Club Music and Drama Student: Jeff Kryka and Tiffany Staver.

Sunrisers Kiwanis Students of the Month: Melissa Graner, Bryan Howard, Claire Kruesel, Jeff Kryka, James Martenson, Stephanie Schmitz, Molly Schneider and Lane Trisko.

Top-ranking seniors: Megan Anderson, Angela Balloy, Katherine Breitenbach, Brita Carlson, Grant Collins, David Diez, Stephanie Dodge, Meghan Finn, Melissa Graner, Anastasia Jelatis-Hoke, Claire Kruesel, Christine Kuczynski, Sonja Langton-Yanowitz, Cliff Lin, Darren Lindner, James Martenson, Molly McBride, Megan Miller, Sara Miller, Angela Mowrer, Gregory Nass, Jacob Newhall, Amita Prakash, Michael Prendergast, Emily Purrington, Katherine Sanford, Erin Schliep, Stephanie Schmitz, Molly Schneider, Kelsey Schwenk, Steven Sendelbach, Sarah Vetter, Kelli Walsh, Cheryl Wick, Andrew Wille and Elizabeth Youngers.

Community and service awards

American Legion Auxiliary Citizenship Award: David Diez and Courtney Zafft.

Christian Fellowship Foundation Scholarship Peace United Church of

Christ: Angela Balloy, Melissa Graner, Alexander Hoerl, Soknaeng Smann and Andrew Wille.

Exchange Club of Rochester/Eastwood Bank: Melissa Graner.

Kiwanis Day Makers: Stephanie Dodge.

Kiwanis Sunrisers David H. Malcomson Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Melissa Graner.

Minnesota Career College Association: Ben Luther and Graham Peterson.

Minnesota Masonic Foundation: Sara Mueller.

Minnesota State High School League AAA Award: Matthew Isaacs and Erin Schliep.

National Wild Turkey Federation: Ben Luther.

Rochester Art Center Merit Award: Sonja Langton-Yanowitz.

Rochester Youth Cheerleading Association: Lisa Gabrielson, Bridget Trom, Kelli Walsh and Laura Walter.

Rochester Youth Football Scholarship: Jesse Gentling and Michael McIntyre.

Rochester Youth Hockey Foundation Award: Brita Carlson, Andrew Link, Erin Schliep and Cory Wiltgen.

U.S. Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete Award: Jacob Newhall and Cheryl Wick.

US Bank High School Award: David Diez.

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