Change needed on school board

So the school board will look into the raises issued to the cabinet members?

One board member suggested this might have been bad timing with the future budget cuts. Could it also be bad timing with elections coming up?

The school board, county board, and city council have all had some controversial issues the past few years. These are usually done well before election time and then swept under the rug. With the elections coming up I urge everyone to really look at the people up for re-election as well as those new people running.

These people are elected to office to speak and vote for us, the taxpayers. We did not vote them in because they are geniuses but merely to represent us. I have heard elected members say they didn’t vote with their constituents because we were wrong in what we wanted. These people have to learn that we don’t care what their personal beliefs are.

They are there for one reason and one reason only, to represent us. If they can’t do this they should be removed from their position. There has been a lot of talk this year at the national level about change. I believe we could use some of that at the local level as well! Please find the time to vote this fall.


Pat Clark


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