Chrome could become golden

Google is part of our vocabulary. Now, let’s see if Chrome becomes part of it. Google’s shopping its browser with the masses. Google’s doing great stuff, so you might check it out. Read on.

I am a fan of Google and much of what the firm has created. So here comes Chrome. Chrome is the new Google-produced browser trotted out this week for most of us to try. I haven’t checked it out yet, but it sounds good. It’s an open source browser, which means others can adopt ideas from this one. What I found wonderful thus far is the explainer, a comic-book sort of presentation. I love it. Check things out and let me know what you think about the browser.

A friend passed along this note for Rudy Maxa’s travel blog. You might have known him once upon a time when he had the "Savvy Traveler" on public radio’s "Marketplace." He’s also a contributing editor with National Geographic Traveler magazine and is a travel broadcaster on public television. It’s a good blog, and you can get a sampling of Maxa’s impressions of the activities at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, where he has lived in recent years. Check it out.


Some folks check out books by reading the final chapter first to determine if they want to wade through the hundreds of pages. Well, there’s a book spoiler at the Movie Spoiler. Maybe that’s not as fun. So if you want to spoil the movie for yourself or figure out if a movie’s worth your time and money, check out Movie Spoiler.

Twitter is everywhere. Here’s a fake Sarah Palin Twitter page, by someone who supports Barack Obama. All’s fair in politics. Some good chuckles. Methinks it’s not long for a fake Obama Twitter. Perhaps it’s already there.

Speaking of Twitter, have you wondered how Jeff Kiger, our business editor, gathers up all the biz news and goings on that he does each week? He doesn’t reveal his secrets, but you can see the crazy schedule and juggling act of phone calls and contacts he makes in a day to stay updated. Check out his Twitter page. If you’re wondering about the tiger stripe background, what else would a business tiger have?

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