City swimmers make big splash

By Steve Webb

Kaylyn Wendroth was more than a little tired, but that couldn't keep the smile from her face.

The Rochester Mayo swimmer had just helped her team to a second-place finish in the Section One meet Friday at the Recreation Center.

She also helped herself to a trip to the state swimming and diving competition, which will be held in two weeks.


Wendroth swam in the first event, the 200 medley relay, which Mayo won in 1:50.66, a time that was less than a second from the meet record.

Then she finished second in the 100 Breaststroke to qualify for state in that event. A race that was so fast that the top five swimmers all qualified by time standard.

Then she turned right around and swam in the next event, the 400 Freestyle relay, which is the final one. Mayo needed to finish fourth to secure a second-place team finish and that's where they ended up.

How do you swim two events back-to-back and still do it at such a high level?

"You have to refocus your energy," said Wendroth, who pointed out that Mayo had finished eighth in this meet last year.

It's her third year as a state competitor. She was 16th at state last year in the 100 breaststroke.

Mayo also had an individual winner when eighth-grader Erin Caflisch captured the 100 Freestyle race. She also qualified in the 100 Breaststroke, finishing fourth but making it by time standard.

Century's Melissa Heyrman won the 100 backstroke and was second in the 100 freestyle. She also swam on two of Century's qualifying relay teams.


Heyrman, who just signed to swim next season at Kansas, was third last year at state in the backstroke. She has hopes of doing better this year.

"This year we're doing something new," she said, in hopes of improving her time at state. She said the Kansas coach is coming to watch.

"I'm excited to show him what I can do," she said.

Rochester swimmers posted nine individual qualifications for the state meet, plus four relays. All three city teams qualified in the 200 medley relay. Mayo won, John Marshall was third and Century fourth. JM and Century both qualified on time standard.

John Marshall's Brianna Fujan, an eighth-grader from Byron, qualified in two individual events and one relay. She was second in the 200 IM and qualified by time in the 100 butterfly.

"This is a pretty big deal," she said. It's her first trip to the state meet.

Century's Kari Slawson was second in the 500 freestyle to earn a trip to state.

John Marshall ninth-grader Mary Wood will go to state on a relay team, but with a heavy heart. Her father died Wednesday, but she decided to compete on Friday.


Her teammates had written "J. Wood" on their arms to show their support.

JM coach Paul Bachman said he was surprised to see her at practice, but that she wanted to do something normal. Wood will anchor the Rockets' medley relay team at state.

Century relay swimmer Nicole Freeman will also go to state, which is an accomplishment considering that she swam the section meet with a broken arm. She received medical clearance to swim, despite a break near her elbow that she sustained two weeks ago.

Mayo's Jenny Einck didn't swim last year, but qualified for state with a second-place finish in the 100 butterfly and was on the winning 200 medley relay team.

Friday's championship round was delayed about 15 minutes after the electronic timing system malfunctioned in the first event and had to be repaired.

Section One

Championship results

(Top 2 individuals go to state)

Team scores

Prior Lake 336, Rochester Mayo 293.5, Faribault 272.5, Farmington 272.5, Rochester Century 261, Rochester John Marshall 237, Lakeville North 220.5, Owatonna 145, Winona 133

Individual events

200 medley relay

1. Rochester Mayo (Erin Caflisch, Jenny Daniels, Jenny Einck, Kaylyn Wendroth) 1:50.66.

2. Prior Lake 1:53.87

3. Rochester John Marshall (CC Fujan, Sydney Kuramoto, Brianna Fujan, Mary Wood) 1:56.94*

4. Rochester Century (Nicole Freeman, Melissa Heyrman, Gretchen Heidorn, Faith Grunewald) 1:57.09.

200 Freestyle

1. Nicole Hirsch, Farmington 1:59.48

2. Linay McCrady, Prior Lake 1:59.83

5. Eliza Lynch, Mayo 2:01.31

7. Jaclyn Blank, JM 2:01.45

6. Kari Slawson, Century 2:01.33

8. Nicole Freeman, Century 2:02.78

200 Individual medley

1. Lindsey Ternes, Farmington 2:12.42

2. Brianna Fujan, JM 2:15.28

6. Caitlin Fujan, JM 2:21.73

7. Sydney Kuramoto, JM 2:24.48

8. Faith Grunewald, Century 2:25.40

50 Freestyle

1. Abbey Staats, Winona 24.73

2. Lindsay Eggermont, Owatonna 25.24

6. Mary Wood, JM 25.81

Jenny Einck, Mayo (Consolation champion)


1. Hillary Provo, Lakeville North 376.55

2. Morgan Hanson, Faribault 352.10

3. Kasey Anderson, Owatonna 340.15

4. Jamie Hood, Owatonna 312.25

7. Natasha Nelson, Century 284.80

11. Jenny Anklan, JM 224.20

14. Maria Succio, Century 213.85

100 Butterfly

1. Lindsey Ternes, Farmington 58.64

2. Jenny Einck, Mayo 1:00.17

3. Brianna Fujan, JM 1:01.07*

6. Faith Grunewald, Century 1:04.11

100 Freestyle

1. Erin Caflisch, Mayo 53.43

2. Melissa Heyrman, Century 53.79

3. Abbey Staats, Winona 54.26*

4. Nicole Hirsch, Farmington 54.49*

6. Mary Wood, JM 56.74

500 Freestyle

1. Kim Kazika, Prior Lake 5:15.43

2. Kari Slawson, Century 5:18.10

3. Linay McCrady, Prior Lake 5:18.22*

5. Jaclyn Blank, JM 5:28.23

6. Nicole Freeman, Century 5:36.74

7. Eliza Lynch, Mayo 5:42.59

8. Katelyn Heyrman, Century 5:44.71

200 Freestyle relay

1. Farmington 1:40.92

2. Faribault 1:41.95

3. John Marshall (Theresa Bea, Jaclyn Blank, Mary Wood, Brianna Fujan) 1:42.98

5. Mayo (Jenny Einck, Marlena Dow, Robyn O'Brien, Hillary CLifton) 1:43.57

6. Century (Nicole Freeman, Melissa Heyrman, Faith Gruenwald, Kari Slawson) 1:44.93

100 Backstroke

1. Melissa Heyrman, Century 1:00.03

2. Kelli McNeary, Prior Lake 1:01.31

4. Jenny Daniels, Mayo 1:04.51

8. Joey Heidorn, Century 1:07.07

100 Breaststroke

1. Kim Kazika, Prior Lake 1:06.06

2. Kaylyn Wendroth, Mayo 1:08.08

3. Danielle James, Lakeville North 1:08.21*

4. Erin Caflisch, Mayo 1:09.05*

5. Hannah Lawman, Prior Lake 1:09.18*

6. Kelsey Coleman, Mayo 1:12.68

7. (tie) Sarah Hayes, Mayo 1:13.64

400 Freestyle relay

1. Farmington 3:40.84

2. Prior Lake 3:43.26

3. Century (Nicole Freeman, Melissa Heyrman, Faith Grunewald, Kari Slawson) 3:43.95*

4. Mayo (Erin Caflisch, Kelsey Coleman, Eliza Lynch, Kaylyn Wendroth) 3:48.95

6. John Marshall (Theresa Bea, Jaclyn Blank, Sydney Kuramoto, Stephanie May) 3:48.95f

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