Clarett likely to spend weekend in jail

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Maurice Clarett reacted with quiet disbelief when he learned he'd likely spend the weekend in jail. The former Ohio State star running back may have an even harder time accepting what lies ahead.

Wearing the same type of tan, jail-issue jumpsuit he'd sported here once before, the former Ohio State star running back closed his eyes and softly shook his head Thursday when the judge announced his bond on a gun charge: $5 million.

His attorney, Nick Mango, said his client would not likely be able to post it, keeping Clarett in jail at least until the start of his robbery trial Monday. Clarett has been ordered to appear in court this afternoon in the robbery case.

Following his bizarre and violent encounter with police early Wednesday, prosecutors had asked a judge to hold Clarett on at least $1 million bond.


"We feel he's a threat to the community," assistant prosecutor Chris Brown said.

Clarett stood against a wall next to his lawyer during Thursday's arraignment, didn't say anything and wasn't addressed by the judge.

Mango would not speculate on why four loaded guns -- including an assault rifle -- were in the SUV Clarett was driving early Wednesday.

"We're very confident that there was no intent to harm anyone," Mango said.

Prosecutors initially asked the judge to hold Clarett without bond, in part because he had been driving just a few blocks from the home of a woman scheduled to testify against him in his robbery trial. In that case, witnesses said Clarett flashed a gun and robbed them of a cell phone behind a Columbus nightclub earlier this year.

Franklin County Municipal Judge Andrea Peeples said she set the bond so high because the 22-year-old Clarett attempted to flee police. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Aug. 18.

In the robbery case, Common Pleas Judge David Fais ordered Clarett to appear in court today, but did not tell his attorneys what issue would be addressed.

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