Climate change quotes

These are comments from various people and groups, pro and con, on climate change:

George Fenwick, President of American Bird Conservancy: "Global warming threatens many bird species with extinction due to climatic changes and the loss of the habitats they depend on for survival. ... Two of Earth’s most serious environmental problems, global warming and the loss of species, have a common solution: stopping the loss of Earth’s forests and other natural carbon fixing habitats."

John Flicker, president of the National Audubon Society: "This latest report from the world's scientists sounds an alarm too dire for anyone to ignore. America and the world must act immediately to reduce global warming emissions to avoid the worst of the consequences it predicts. ... Like the storied ‘canary in the coal mine,’ birds and other wildlife have always alerted us to perils that threaten us all."

Carter Johnson, South Dakota State University ecology professor: "Our research has found that a mere 3 degree increase in temperature would cause a several hundred mile geographic eastward shift in North America’s duck factory. Unfortunately, the most favorable climate would move from the central Dakotas where wetlands are abundant to western Minnesota and Iowa where most wetlands have been drained."

The White House: "Climate change has been a top priority since the President’s first year in office. Beginning in June 2001, President Bush has consistently acknowledged climate change is occurring and humans are contributing to the problem."


"The President is firmly committed to taking sensible action on climate change that will, as the President said in 2002, ‘harness the power of markets, the creativity of entrepreneurs, and draw upon the best scientific research.’"

Ben Lieberman, senior policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation: "Whatever the risks of global warming identified in the (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, global warming policies also carry risks — especially those policies that emphasize energy rationing as a solution... The economic burdens of Kyoto, especially on already-stagnant economies, have proven unacceptable."

Iain Murray, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute: "If global warming is as big a threat as claimed, it will not be averted by minor steps like changing a few light bulbs, buying carbon offsets or driving hybrid cars."

"Polar bears are not becoming extinct as a result of decreasing Arctic ice. We know that polar bears have survived warmer periods in the past, so there is no reason to suspect they will suffer a threat of extinction now."

"The rest of the world has two reasons for demanding American action: First, blaming America absolves them of responsibility and, second, emissions restrictions will hobble America’s economy, allowing the rest of the world to play catch-up."


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