Cocoa powder and cocoa are the same

DEAR HELOISE: Several recipes call for cocoa powder. In fact, one of your coffee recipes calls for this. Is this the same as cocoa? I have asked for cocoa powder in several stores, and they either don’t have the product or don’t seem to know what I’m asking for. Can you please tell me where I can get cocoa powder? — Brandi, via e-mail


A major manufacturer told us that cocoa powder and cocoa are the same. The powder (it has no sugar added) is usually sold in a can and found in the baking aisle of the grocery store. So, you are safe using cocoa when a recipe calls for cocoa powder. — Heloise

DEAR HELOISE: When making a meatloaf or porcupine meatballs and mixing the ingredients with your hands, put on thin medical gloves to keep the grease from getting on your hands. When finished mixing, just pull the gloves off and put in the garbage. Now you have nice, clean hands. This is especially good for females who have long fingernails and do not want stuff collecting under their nails. — D. Anders, Arlington, Texas

DEAR HELOISE: Please tell breast-feeding moms not to part with all those 4-ounce plastic milk storage bottles once their babies are weaned. They make wonderful containers for carrying salad dressing and other condiments in a packed lunch. Even better, I have found that they hold just the right amount of regular milk for a child-size bowl of cereal.


I keep several filled bottles on my fridge door so that my 4- and 6-year-old can each help themselves to a bowl of cereal in the morning without requiring adult assistance to manage pouring from the big gallon jug. And the kids love being able to fix their own breakfast. — Valerie, Germantown, Md.

DEAR HELOISE: I’ve nicked my index finger a few times through the years while chopping vegetables. To prevent this from happening again, I now wear a sewing thimble on that finger while slicing and dicing. — Joe, via e-mail

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