col Library donor deserves credit

Person willed as much as $50,000 to library

The Austin Public Library is a jewel that has added value and shine to the lives of area residents.

One person evidently decided to show how he or she appreciates this treasure by leaving between $45,000 and $50,000.

This unnamed donor deserves credit for finding a way to give something back. It is often tough to donate and stay prepared for emergencies. This person decided to put a clause in his or her will to give 3 percent of the estate to the library.

That allowed the person to meet financial needs throughout life and still give back in a meaningful way.


And giving to the library -- though there are many other deserving organizations and groups -- was a good choice.

It provides solid education and entertainment resources to everyone. Austin's library reaches out to children, parents, non-English speakers, job seekers and anyone who would like to use a book, video, audio tape, CD or DVD.

Most libraries do that, but the Austin staff provides those services with a warmth and caring that is not often seen in area libraries.

While the resources marshaled by the Austin staff is impressive and shows a very good use of its budget, more finances are always welcome.

The donor's gift will benefit many people for years to come, and that is a legacy we should all strive for in life and after.

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