COL Take caution with dogs in the heat

By Dr. Don Palermo

McClatchy Newspapers

Summer is now upon us again, and we need to remember to take all precautions to avoid heat-related problems with our pets.

Please remember to have an extra large bucket or bowl of water for all of your dogs that stay outside.

Also remember never to have your dog tied with all of this heat we will experience


A simple mistake of getting a neck or leg entangled in a rope or wire could prove to be tragic. Most dogs will struggle to free themselves. Should they become entangled in this type of heat it would only take three to four minutes to raise your dog's temperature high enough to cause heat stroke.

Another thought considering heat problems is never to leave your dog in a car unattended. Even if you crack the windows in your car for ventilation, the temperature can soar to 135 degrees or higher in 10 minutes.

Never walk your dog after 7 a.m. or before 8:30 p.m. It is just too hot during this time of day.

Remember that chasing the car down the street or following the four wheeler can prove to be dangerous to your pet too. Extensive exercise in our summer heat can cause heat stroke in just a matter of minutes.

Only allow your housedog 5- to 10-minute breaks outside the house during the middle of the day.

Buy a small wading pool and fill it up with water so your dog can cool him or herself off as it chooses. Replenish the water daily to keep it fresh and cool.

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