Columbus Mustangs?

USHL team may move to Nebraska

By Bob Brown

And where will the Rochester Mustangs wind up moving to?

The latest city to be mentioned is Columbus, Neb., but if that happens it wouldn't be next season. The problem is Columbus doesn't have a hockey arena.


Jim Pflug, one of the owners of the Lincoln Stars who also happens to own the Mustangs, said he has had discussions with the Platte County Agricultural Society about moving the Mustangs to Columbus after Columbus officials announced plans to study the impact of building a civic center in the Northeast Nebraska town.

"We've had discussions about a new facility, but that's just one big hurdle that needs to be resolved before we ever consider placing a team there," Pflug said. "After that, there are many other hurdles that we'd have to work through."

Columbus officials estimate it would cost $5 million to build an arena.

Pflug said the Mustangs owners are also exploring the possibility of moving the team to Bloomington, Ill., or keeping them in Rochester for good.

The Mustangs are averaging only 500 fans a game, by far the lowest number in the USHL. Team owners have made no secret they'd move the Mustangs from Rochester if they didn't average 2,000 fans a game.

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