When it comes to 2019's made-for-TV Christmas movies, you've already missed “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love.” (Actual description: "A chance meeting brings Alice and Jack, strangers from different backgrounds, together for an unexpected Christmastime courtship filled with misread signals and a very real health scare. Starring Kathie Lee Gifford.)

Why, this has everything you could ask for in a made-for-TV movie! An unexpected Christmastime courtship! A very real health scare! Kathie Lee Gifford!

 But there are plenty more made-for-TV Christmas movies where that came from (and that came from the Hallmark Channel).

 Here's your annual guide — or warning — to a few of our favorite new-for-2019 movies, based solely on plot descriptions.

The made-for-TV-movie: "Christmas Love Letter" (Lifetime)

The actual plot description: "When relationship advice columnist Amalie Hess (played by Ashley Newbrough, maybe best known for the upcoming made-for-TV movie "Christmas Love Letter") receives an unsigned love letter in a Christmas card, she returns to her hometown to solve the mystery and runs into young professional Ian McCallister (played by Tilky Jones) from the 1990s boy band Take 5]. But who sent the letter? And, if she finds the author, will she find true love?"

First, who sent the letter? Well, I've watched enough Lifetime movies to know it's probably not some old creeper. If I had to guess, I'd say it's that Ian guy because he is the only other person mentioned in the plot description.

And will she find true love? I don't have a lot to go on, but the movie poster shows Ashley and Ian leaning close together, like they may be ready to kiss. So, I'm going out on a limb and saying "Yes! Hell, yes!"

 The made-for-TV movie: "Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2" (Hallmark)

The actual plot description: "A year after Darcy ran over Aiden, his amnesia is gone but not their love. Now she’s gotten him a first edition signed copy of his favorite book, "Found in the Street," for Christmas, perfect since that’s where she found him — under her bicycle! Aiden’s also creating a gift for Darcy, a carved replica of her hometown, just like the one her dad carved for her mother. But Aiden’s gift, which includes a carving of Darcy’s beloved rec center, which is in jeopardy of closing, holds another big surprise. Will it sweep her off her feet?"

What to expect: I seriously have no idea what this movie is about. There's a lot going on. Amnesia! The woodcarvings! The financial future of the rec center! The fact that she found Aiden "under her bicycle"! The plot description makes me think I really need to go back and watch "Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 1" before I even dare attempt the apparent "Crying Game"-meets-"Sixth Sense" plot twists of "Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2."

But will it sweep her off her feet? My guess: Yes! Bonus predicton: I'm going to go out on a limb and say Darcy's beloved rec center will be saved! Just in time!

The made-for-TV movie: "A Royal New Year's Eve" (One of our all-time Hallmark favorites!).

The actual plot description: "That first kiss of the New Year is special: But when everyone else just puckers up to the nearest set of lips, Robin has always kept her wits — and her mouth — to herself. (Editor's note: this is the actual plot, cut and pasted from hallmarkchannel.com. I don't want anyone to think I wrote that last line.) An established photographer, Robin (played by Cheryl Ladd, from 'Charlie's Angels' and also from that poster when I was a teen) is assigned to work on a New Year's Eve story with a new hire, Todd. When she confides in Todd that she has never kissed anyone as the clock strikes midnight, he sets about to correct this by finding someone for Robin to kiss at the magic hour. And guess who fits the bill?"

So, who fits the bill? If I had to guess, I'd say it's that Todd guy because he is the only other person mentioned in the plot description.

Will sparks fly? Oh, yeah! Because it's right from the website: "Sparks fly, as Todd finds a man for her to smooch!" No more keeping "her mouth to herself" for Robin!

Steve Lange is the editor of Rochester Magazine. His column appears every Tuesday.

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