COMMENT It's daylight saving time and temps are edging upward, so it's natural for Minnesotans to be in a baseball frame of mind.

The game at all levels is under way, with the Minnesota Twins being primary to most fans' interest in state.

After a winning record a year ago and their best players (pitchers, especially) still under contract this season, it's natural to think big. Conference title, World Series? big.

Cleveland, as only they can do, needed just one day to bring all back to reality.

Word is Twins players called former teammate Matt Lawton to talk it up, boast that Cleveland's reign of terror in the Central Division was done.

Not so fast.


Instead, Matt reminded what a bogus trade it was to send him packing for a third- or fourth-line pitcher.

Granted, it's only one player and only one game in a season of more at-bats than anyone can imagine, but it's a reminder for some Twins players and all Minnesota fans.

Talk is cheap. It usually comes back to bite. It's best to rachet down the strutting. Remember, it's a long, long season.

See you at the end. With conference title in hand.

Tim Grice

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