COMMENT Most have an opinion about a baseball strike. Too much money and too little loyalty usually dominate the debate.

Both sides are financially so far away from our reality that it's tough to go to one corner.

A brief view of the arguments offers little help. All bask in what few, if any, of us understand.

Bucks. Really big ones.

To be an owner in modern day pro sports your accumulated wealth has to be similar to government line items. Or at least it has to resemble the checkbooks of displaced CEOs before hands were caught in the cookie jar.

Players average $2.38 million. Enough said. No sympathy there, either.


So what will it be? Kind of takes the cheers away, doesn't it?

Or as one 13-year-old son moaned to his father, ''So Dad, why are they doing this? How much money do they need anyway?''

Just more.

More than the next guy and more than any player in the game's history.

As much as baseball can be loved, and it is, another strike? Well, call me from the bike trail.

Tim Grice

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