COMMENT Random thoughts from a cluttered mind:

You think the pros don't care about their sport? Check the emotion on the part of the New York Yankees on Thursday night after their dramatic win over Boston. Yankees manager Joe Torre with tears in his eyes. Aaron Boone almost speechless when interviewed afterward. Heckuva baseball game …

; Part of me wanted to see Roger Clemens go out on a high note Thursday against the Red Sox, and the other part of me was rooting against the Yankees. The Red Sox were a much easier team to root for before the playoffs, but their boorish behavior in postseason is disturbing …

; Cubs fans are still ripping the guy in the stands who tried to catch a foul ball. Ridiculous. But now that the Cubbies have lost, he will be the target of a lot of misplaced venom. Fans would be better served to question why a team can't win one out of three when it really counts. The answer, of course, is: That's baseball …

; At least this year, some of the World Series games will be played in tolerable weather.

Steve Webb


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