Comments colorful and rude

State Rep. Osskopp's caustic quips carry insults

State Rep. Mike Osskopp, R-Lake City, is a radio talk show host known for his free-wheeling and sometimes insensitive remarks.

One of his comments, made about a year ago, was prompted by a legislative discussion of foot-and-mouth disease in animals. He was quoted as saying, "What I have to worry about is foot IN mouth disease. It is very dangerous for politicians."

He's right about that. In a recent discussion about Olmsted County's ordinance to ban smoking in restaurants, he compared the action of the county board to those of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

He said, "There's a place on this planet where a regime that tried to impose its culture on business people has been thrown out. It's called Kabul -- and I think some of the ruling class of Kabul went to Olmsted County."


; On an earlier occasion, in a discussion of a new property tax law on his radio show broadcast live from the Peace Plaza in Rochester, Osskopp likened Rochester Mayor Chuck Canfield to Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet Communist Party. He said Canfield wants to "take away from those who have it and give to those who need," adding that, "I can hear Lenin smiling in his grave."

Comparing Mayor Canfield to Lenin and county board members to the Taliban might be colorful, but both comments are also crude and insulting.

We would advise Osskopp to get some vaccine for that foot-in-mouth disease.

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