Conspiracy against Twins? Don't think so

Random thoughts from a cluttered mind:

Listening to a Twin Cities sports radio guy Thursday blather on and on about how Major League Baseball was sticking it to the Twins when young star pitcher Francisco Liriano didn't make the All-Star team, it made me wonder. Could this really be true?

Would baseball powers really try to figure out a way to keep a Twins player from making the team?

The answer is, of course not. It might have helped if the MLB would have published the numbers, instead of just announcing that A.J. Pierzynski got about 3.6 million votes and Liriano was a close second. But to suggest a conspiracy? That's just typical radio talk, and I can only take about two minutes of that …

; The Twins long winning streak and the hot bats of Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, along with the pitching of Johan Santana and Liriano, have lifted the Twins into the consciousness of Minnesota sports fans to a degree that hasn't been seen in awhile. Can Mauer hit .400? Can Morneau hit 40 homers? Those are questions that people are tossing around, and it's good for baseball in our state …


; The Minnesota Wild have also made headlines with their recent surge of player movement. They have made some good decisions and appear ready to spend some of that money they have been accumulating. Hockey might be interesting again.

Steve Webb

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