Coordinate your sprays under kitchen, bathroom sinks

By Heloise Cruse

King Features Syndicate

DEAR HELOISE: I hold an annual spray meeting, collecting all the sprays and cleaning solutions below my kitchen and bathroom sinks at one place. Then I sort them, making sure my kitchen and both of my bathrooms have exactly the right sprays they will need. I redistribute a spray if one bathroom has too much and the other one has too little.

I use empty spray bottles I bought at a store that sells things for a dollar to create two bottles of one item (be sure to label clearly). Also, I make a note of sprays I had forgotten I had. — Preeti, via e-mail

DEAR HELOISE: Since I love iced tea, many times I have found tea bags without the string. After I brew the tea, I put the used bags in a container in the refrigerator. In the mornings, I set aside 10 minutes to grab two of them and put them on my eyelids. Very soothing. These are also great for quick soothing of minor burns or bug bites I might get. — Kathleen C., Manchester, N.H.


DEAR HELOISE: For economical and easy storage of sewing-machine bobbins and thread, I use empty cigar boxes. — Debi in Pennsylvania

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