Corn growers bring home the bacon with ads

By Carol Stender

MORTON, Minn. -- In; Minnesota even the bacon brings home the bacon.

That's the line in just one of several ads sponsored by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association promoting agriculture and livestock production.

The Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council turned to the Minneapolis ad agency Kruskopf Coontz to design the print and radio ads.


Kruskopf Coontz, formerly known as Kruskopf and Olson, did a series of promotion ads for the MCGA two years ago.

"We really like working with the Minnesota Corn Growers," said Kruskopf Coontz president Bill Coontz. "We have developed many good friendships with the members and it's been fun."

The advertising agency developed a series of ads that ran in June. The second part of the campaign started late last year and has targeted both metropolitan and rural markets. The print ads have run in several Twin Cities business publications and on metropolitan radio stations. The ads reached rural audiences through the Linder Farm Network, Minnesota News Network and local radio stations.

This is the third major ad campaign sponsored by the MCGA, said Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council member Richard Peterson of Mountain Lake.

The first campaign promoted the ethanol industry and successfully garnered legislative and public support for ethanol. The second campaign was a series of ads describing ag's importance to the state and featured pictures of farmers and farm families at work.

The third campaign is designed to support livestock production in the state, Peterson said.

"When we developed the ad campaign, we looked at the facts and figures of the livestock industry and saw some pretty strong financial facts that show its importance to the state," Coontz said.

The agency realized there were two sides to the support of livestock enterprises in Minnesota. One side is opposed to bigger operations believing it hurts the environment while another feels it's good for the business of agriculture to have its share of ag supported by the larger operations. The feelings are strong on both sides, Coontz said.

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