Council member kicks off blog on city issues

By Jeffrey Pieters

Constituents have a new way to trade information with Rochester City Council member Bob Nowicki.

Nowicki, a first-term council member, has launched his own "blog" -- short for "Web log" -- dealing with city affairs.

A blog is an online medium that facilitates a dialogue between the host, in this case, Nowicki, and visitors to the site.


The host posts articles, and visitors can post comments in response. Nowicki said he'll post new information "as often as needed, or when an issue comes up I think is worthy.

"I'll post every night if I have to," he said.

The blog is just one method, and the most high-tech one yet, that Nowicki is using to stay in touch with Rochester citizens.

Nowicki makes himself available for coffee and conversation from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. every Friday at Grandma's Kitchen, a restaurant in the Silver Lake Shopping Center.

He has published a guide to participating in city council meetings, and occasionally writes columns for the Post-Bulletin and RNeighbors, a neighborhood newspaper.

And he goes door-to-door to talk to people, even outside of campaign season.

"I'm trying to build up a constituency here," Nowicki said. "I want to reach out and do something."

Nowicki found a free online host for his blog. The address is

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