Council should vote no on Washington Square

I am writing this letter to ask the people of Rochester to call their councilmen and ask them to vote NO on the Washington Square apartment complex for Weis Builders.

First of all, we don’t want an apartment complex there, and why should the city give him 40 feet of green space that has been used and maintained by the school district for 40 plus years. Why does he need to use the driveway?

He wants the city to put in a new street from 11th Ave. N.W. to 10th Ave. N.W. Why should we spend our tax money on the street when all it will accomplish is more money in his pocket? There are many streets in Rochester that need fixing up. Let us use our money more wisely.

Our councilmen should care more about what the neighbors think because we vote them in and out.

So people please call them and ask them to vote NO.


If he cannot build on his own land then let him look elsewhere.

Dick Wilker


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