Protests turned less than peaceful Friday night as some in the crowd broke a window, damaged a citizen’s car and broke a Rochester police squad car window.

Despite those actions, no arrests were made, according to the Rochester police.

Rochester Police Capt. John Sherwin said that around midnight, approximately 30 to 40 people left downtown and eventually went onto U.S. Highway 52 and began blocking traffic. The highway was shut down for approximately 20 minutes as a result.

“At this point, their assembly was declared unlawful and verbal announcements were made to disperse or face arrest,” Sherwin wrote in an email. “A majority of the crowd complied; however, a small group remained on foot and in vehicles as they exited onto Second Street.”

Sherwin said about six people in vehicles fled on foot after rocks were thrown at officers. Several juveniles were detained and turned over to their parents without charges.

Police reported no additional issues and staff who had been called to supplement regularly scheduled officers were released around 1 a.m.