Another day, another scam and this time it involves the prestigious name of Mayo Clinic.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office posted on its Facebook page Monday morning that the office had receive a call expressing concerns that the caller's elderly parents were solicited by phone by someone "identifying themselves as the Mayo Clinic selling insurance for Mayo Clinic and Methodist Hospital."

Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose said in an email that no information was shared with the scammers nor was any money lost.

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It is unclear what exactly the caller said, but Mayo Clinic was made aware of the scam.

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"Mayo Clinic is not an insurance provider," a clinic spokesman wrote in a statement. "People who receive these calls can report them to local law enforcement, the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission."

Rose wrote in an email that enforcement is nearly impossible on these cases when money is lost because the scammers are often in another state or even country.

"When the money is gone – it’s gone," Rose wrote.

For most scams, the best rule to follow is to never give your personal information to anyone you didn't call even if the phone number seems to be from a trusted source because scammers are able to mask their phone numbers. To verify if something is on the up-and-up, call the organization yourself -- with a number you have entered into your phone. Do not simply hit redial on the phone after a suspected scammer calls.