A Rochester man previously convicted of possession of pornography pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges that he attempted to access child pornography while on supervised release.

Christopher Blake Dezutter, 53, pleaded guilty in Olmsted County District Court to two amended counts of attempted possession of pornographic work-previous conviction. He was charged with seven felony counts of possession of pornographic work-previous conviction.

He has been held at the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center since Dec. 16, 2020. On Dec. 31, Judge Joseph Chase set conditional bail at $25,000 and unconditional bail at $50,000. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 26.


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Dezutter, who has multiple previous convictions for child pornography, was on probation and as part of his condition of probation had a monitoring app placed on his cellphone. On Dec. 14, 2020, a woman was notified by the monitoring system that there were pornographic images on Dezutter's phone, according to the criminal complaint.

When interviewed by law enforcement, Dezutter told an investigator he relapsed and only looked at child pornography one time and it was an estimated less than 12 images. Court records indicate that the monitoring system on his phone "sometimes blocked the images," the amended criminal complaint states. Law enforcement found at least seven of images of child pornography, the complaint states.

Dezutter's attorney Zachary Bauer filed a motion to dismiss the charges in February, arguing that his client believed it was "factually impossible" for Dezutter to have committed the allegations of possessing pornographic works as his phone was equipped with monitoring software as part of his probation.

"It is believed that this software prevented (Dezutter) from viewing or possessing the alleged pornographic works," the motion reads. The motion noted that probable cause would exist for attempted possession charges.

Dezutter ultimately entered guilty pleas to attempted possession charges.

According to the petition to enter a guilty plea filed with the court, Dezutter could face consecutive prison sentences on the two charges. Prosecutors have agreed to seek consecutive sentences not to exceed a total of 63.5 months while the defense will seek a sentence of no less than 47.5 months.

Dezutter would also be subject to a 15-year conditional release as well as predatory offender registration.

In September 2015, Dezutter was given a stay of imposition on four counts of possession of pornographic work. Less than two years later he was given prison sentences after he was convicted of another charge of possession of pornographic work.

In March 2017, he was given a 50-month prison sentence by Judge Christina Stevens.