OAKDALE, Minn. — A driver has been charged with a felony for causing a woman’s death while he was fleeing police in a stolen vehicle in Oakdale, authorities said Thursday, July 15.

Shirley Bilden of Maplewood, 80, died last week from injuries she sustained from the car crash that authorities say Scott David Hardy, 35, caused as he fled.

Hardy, 35, was also charged with one count of carjacking and theft — both felonies, according to the criminal complaint filed in Washington County District Court.

It was at about 4:10 p.m. on July 10 when police received a call that a stolen Chevrolet Tahoe was parked in a Cub Foods parking lot in Oakdale, according to the complaint. When officers arrived, they identified the driver of the vehicle as Scott David Hardy. They told him to turn off the ignition of the vehicle and put his hands out the window; instead, the complaint states, Hardy gunned the engine and drove away at a high speed.

At first, officers chased after him with lights and sirens as Hardy sped through neighborhoods, going off road through yards at speeds of up to 70 mph.

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The officers called off the pursuit for “safety reasons.”

Shortly after, police saw a large plume of white smoke in the distance.

Hardy had run a red light at the intersection of Geneva Avenue and 10th Street in Oakdale, hitting a Chevrolet Malibu, according to the complaint. Both cars were severely damaged. Hardy had fled the crash on foot, authorities allege.

At the scene of the crash, Bilden — the driver of the Malibu — was having trouble breathing and had other significant injuries, including a compound fracture to her left ankle, fractures to her shoulder, ankle, ribs and vertebrae on her back.

A woman who had been a front seat passenger in the Tahoe was spitting blood and going in and out of consciousness. At one point she said, “I can’t believe he left me here to die,” according to the complaint.

Both women were taken to the hospital.

Police received a call that Hardy had showed up at the nearby Union Cemetery in Maplewood covered in blood and then got into the car of a woman who was visiting a grave with her children. The woman yelled at him to get out of her vehicle and he eventually did. People nearby restrained Hardy until police arrived.

According to the complaint, Hardy has previous felony convictions for first and second-degree assault and several warrants for his arrest. He was booked into Washington County Jail on Thursday night.

Bilden died on Wednesday at the hospital, authorities say.

The condition of the front-seat passenger was not known on Friday.