A Rochester man was arrested Sunday on burglary charges after he reportedly entered a residence where his mother used to live, showered and damaged a water pipe.

Rochester police were called about 1 pm. Sunday, July 18, 2021, to the 2900 block of Fremont Court Southwest by a 31-year-old woman.

She said a man barged into the house and when she asked him to leave, he reportedly told the woman that it was his mother's house. She told police she tried to the tell the man she just started renting the place and his mom did not live there, but the man did not leave.

The woman and her two children left the residence and called police.

When officers arrived, they found the 35-year-old man downstairs. He had reportedly just gotten out of the shower, according to Rochester police Capt. Casey Moilanen. Officers identified the man as Andrew Tyler Jones of Rochester.

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It is believed he also tore apart some of the piping in the basement, causing water to leak.

He was arrested without incident.

Shortly before officers were called by the woman, a burglary was reported in the 500 block of Third Street Northwest. A man armed with a pickax walked into a residence in which several people live and kicked down a door, the criminal complaint states. Residents reportedly recognized the man as someone who used to live across the street. Moilanen said Jones also hit some of the locked bedroom doors with the pickax.

An officer who walked through the residence found that two apartments had their doors kicked in. Neither unit was occupied at the time and a witness told police that Jones used to visit the tenants of those apartments and thought one of them owed Jones for something, the criminal complaint states.

Jones was charged in Olmsted County District Court with first-degree burglary and first-degree burglary-possession of a dangerous weapon. His first appearance in court on those charges is scheduled for Aug. 25, 2021.