A Rochester man previously convicted of possession of pornography was sentenced Friday to more than four years in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to access child pornography while on supervised release.

Christopher Blake Dezutter, 54, was sentenced in Olmsted County District Court by Judge Pamela King to consecutive prison sentences of 41 months and 12 months and a day. Dezutter pleaded guilty in May to two amended counts of attempted possession of pornographic work-previous conviction.

He will receive credit for 254 days already served on the 41-month sentence. Dezutter had been held at the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center since Dec. 16, 2020.

Dezutter, who has multiple previous convictions for child pornography, was on probation at the time of offense and as part of his condition of probation had a monitoring app placed on his cellphone. On Dec. 14, 2020, a woman was notified by the monitoring system that there were pornographic images on Dezutter's phone, according to the criminal complaint.

In September 2015, Dezutter was given a stay of imposition on four counts of possession of pornographic work. Less than two years later he was given prison sentences after he was convicted of another charge of possession of pornographic work. In March 2017, he was given a 50-month prison sentence by Judge Christina Stevens.

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In court Friday morning, Assistant Olmsted County Attorney Arianna Whitney argued for consecutive sentences of 51.5 months and 12 months and one day. Whitney told the court that Dezutter does well for a period time but when treatment ends, he reoffends, which was the case with the most recent incident.

"They are real victims, constantly revictimized when the images are viewed and shared," Whitney said.

Arguing for a total prison sentence of 47.5 months, defense attorney Zachary Bauer said the sentence would allow for Dezutter to complete treatment while incarcerated. Bauer also told the court the way in which we view possession of child pornography charges would ultimately be viewed archaic comparing it previous handling of drug cases.

"What is very clear is that (Dezutter) has an addiction. In fact, (Dezutter’s) personal history suggests that he has struggled with addiction in number of different areas," Bauer wrote in the sentencing memorandum filed with the court. "From substances, to gambling, to pornography and now to child pornography. (Dezutter) has certainly had periods of 'sobriety' and compliance and appears to be successful in treatment setting as evidenced by his successful completion of prior treatment program."

Speaking on his own behalf, Dezutter said he understood how the court may see him as someone who is "incorrigible," but he was in better place than in 2015 when he was first charged.

"I'm very aware of the harm these images and viewing these images does," Dezutter said, adding he fully believes that viewing the images is a revictimization of those that are featured in them. "I know that I'm getting better. I do not wish to harm anyone. I know that viewing these images does not align with that."