ORONOCO -- People's Energy Cooperative is warning customers of a scam after a PEC impersonator targeted a Rochester Township resident this month.

A person impersonating a PEC employee visited a customer's home after regular business hours and said he was there to verify the outside outlets at the property were operational, according to a news release from the utility company. The imposter said the service would cost $225.

When the customer said it wasn't a good time and asked for a business card instead, the imposter returned to his vehicle and drove away.

People's Energy Cooperative does not offer the service the imposter tried to sell.

The utility company cautioned customers that if a cooperative employee comes to their door, the employee will have a logoed shirt with their name on it and credentials. Their vehicle will also have the Cooperative’s logo on it.

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When contractors are working on behalf of the co-op, customers are typically notified in advance of the work being done.

Any customers with questions or concerns can call the cooperative at (800) 214-2694 to verify the nature of any visit.