A man hunting deer with friends and family was shot in the leg Saturday.

The incident occurred Saturday, and Olmsted County Sheriff's deputies responded to the call at 4:52 p.m., said Capt. James Schueller.

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Earlier in the day, the victim was taking part in a deer drive with a dozen other hunters near the corner of Olmsted County Road 24 and 65th Street Northeast. As the deer were being driven by part of the hunting group, the victim said he started running and felt a pain in his leg, Schuller said.

When the victim and others checked his leg, they saw that he'd been shot, the bullet going through and through.

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Schueller said the victim received care for non-life threatening injuries and stayed at the scene until the deer were field dressed and then drove himself home. From there, the victim's wife drove him to the hospital for treatment.

Because the scene was somewhat chaotic during the incident, with deer and hunters all moving at once, neither the victim nor anyone else in the hunting party is sure who shot the man, Schueller said. In fact, a total of 48 shots from various guns were taken around the time the man was shot in the leg.

Schueller said it is unlikely any charges will be filed in the case unless someone steps forward and admits to taking the shot that injured the man.