Dallemand criticism isn’t personal

In response to Matt Russell ’s March 11 article, "Critics say scrutiny of superintendent is based on race," I’d argue that warping the critiques raised against Superintendent Romaine Dallemand illegitimizes the nature of our democratic and attentive society.

His policies, not his person, have been questioned; the Rochester community — from families to faculty of the district, as well as the public-at-large — desires the very best learning environment for all students, not just those of a specific demographic.

Unlike his predecessor, Dallemand is not a longtime Rochester resident who worked in the district for decades before assuming such a powerful and commanding office. The focus is on his acclimation to our community and helping him to know the Rochester we know and love — a city that is always demanding responsibility and transparency from its civic leaders.

This goal requires careful assessment of anyone who wishes to restructure fundamentally an institution — our public school system — that lies at the heart of our vitality and our future.

Lauren Koster



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