Daube's crowd gets rowdy for Klobuchar

By Matthew Stolle

Chanting "Amy, Amy," a group of an estimated 60 people filled Daube's Bakery in northwest Rochester to cheer DFL senatorial candidate Amy Klobuchar, a day after her victory in Tuesday's primary.

"You're going to ruin Rochester's reputation as a quiet place. You guys are revved up," Klobuchar said above the din.

Klobuchar, county attorney for Hennepin County, arrived in Rochester as part of her "North Star" tour across the state. Klobuchar used the event to highlight her plan for bringing the federal budget into balance. It was also an opportunity for Klobuchar to have a follow-up X-ray at Mayo Clinic, where she had hip replacement surgery a couple of months ago.


"It truly cemented for me this idea that Rochester and Mayo Clinic is a place of miracles," she said.

Klobuchar is running against Republican U.S. Rep. Mark Kennedy.

Most of her speech consisted of outlining her ideas for balancing the budget, including reinstituting pay-as-you-go budgetary rules, eliminating discretionary, "pork barrel" spending and raising the tax levels for those making more than $336,000 to Clinton-era levels.

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