Daycare provides the link to love

By Elizabeth M. Jones

Lorry Lanz and Victor Adkins weren’t really looking to date someone when they met through their children’s daycare. But they found in each other the support they needed as they both worked through divorces.

"We just hit it off," Victor said. "Our thinking was alike and we helped each other out with different aspects."

Lorry said that the two got together when the sitter who ran their daycare handed Victor his bill — and wrote on it "would you want to go out with Lorry?"


"I was pretty embarrassed at that point because I had no idea she was doing that," Lorry said.

But Victor was interested, and before long the two found that they had much in common. "The first date was nice because I think the thing we could relate the most with was what was going on in our lives," he said. "We really ended up depending on each other for support."

Victor eventually moved away, but the two kept in touch. When Lorry heard that he would be moving up to Knoxville, Iowa, she decided it was time to pursue the relationship once more.

Lorry said that when the proposal came it was a surprise, even though it was something the two of them had discussed before.

"We were here in Spring Valley and we went walking on the little bike trail they have here; it goes back into some pine trees and such," she said. "He looked around, pulled me aside, pulled me in front of him and just asked me."

She, of course, said yes. "We both love the outdoors, so it was perfect."

Victor said that the two enjoy doing activities outdoors, such as camping and walking. "She’s an outdoors person, even on hot days, and I agree."

"I just love spending time with her," he added. "It just doesn’t feel right if she’s not in my day."


"He’s very intelligent," Lorry said. "He keeps me under control when I get stressed. He’s a very hard worker and puts his heart and soul into everything he does."

Lorry is an LPN working in the pediatrics department at Austin Medical Center, and Victor is a truck driver for Shinn Trucking out of Knoxville, Iowa.

The couple will be married on Aug. 8 — 8/8/08 at 8 p.m., Lorry says — at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Spring Valley.

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