Defending track champ Davis wins feature at Chateau

LANSING -- The second week of the 2002 season at Chateau Raceway had a nice field of 80-plus drivers on hand for a cool Friday night of stock car racing action.

After last week's rough track for opening night, Chateau officials did an outstanding job of smoothing out the surface and gave the drivers a good track for the night's racing. However, after a quick set of heats which were run off in less than an hour, the features seemed to drag on as the yellow flags were flying left-and-right.

Double-digit yellows slowed the Open Modified class feature down to what seemed a crawl as defending track champion Jimmy Davis eventually outdueled Todd Stinehart for the win.

In the Wissota Midwest Modified class, Kenny Wytaske grabbed his first feature win of the year as he outdueled last week's feature winner Scott Anderson of Phillips, Wisconsin. Wytaske took the lead off the drop of the green, only to have Anderson come by for the lead on the second lap. Three laps later, Wytaske pulled back by for the top spot and paced the field the rest of the way for the win. The race was slowed by five cautions as the drivers had their troubles.

In Wissota Street Stock action, defending track champion Jeff Brauer of Rochester scored his first feature win this year as he held off Dan Gullickson of Stacy, who ran right on his back bumper the entire 15 laps. Brauer scored the sweep in the class as he also had a heat win.


The Pure Stocks also had a clean sweeper, making three of the them for the evening, as Bobby Crews claimed a pair of wins. Crews not only had the sweep of the night, but so far has swept the season as he also won twice in last week's show. Crews jumped out of row 2 to the front and led flag-to-flag in his heat, but had to work a little harder in the feature.

Starting back in row 5, Crews saw Al Lisowski get the early lead as he picked his way forward. Korey Ackman also had the lead for a while, before Lisowski went to the front. A caution flag on lap 6 tightened the field up with Crews on Lisowski's back bumper. On the restart, Crews went to the front through turns the first two turns and never looked back.

The Mod Lite class was a brother act for the heats as Craig Shaw and Brian Shaw took heat wins. In the feature, Brian Shaw was looking to repeat last week's feature win, when he got caught up in a spin on the first lap and had to pit to check his car.

Brian Shaw made it back out, but only made a hand full of laps before retiring for the night. Brother Craig tried to hold up the family honor as he battled with Jeff Jech of Austin for much of the race. But Jech was too much on this night and scored the feature win.


First heat -- 1. Bobby Crews, Austin; 2. Korey Ackman, St. Charles; 3. Christianson, Elysian. Second heat -- 1. Brad Erickson, Chatfield; 2. Dave Stevens, Albert Lea; 3. Al Lisowski, Claremont. Feature -- 1. Crews; 2. Erickson; 3. Ackman; 4. Lisowski; 5. Stevens; 6. Todd Newkirk, Taopi; 7. Tyler Clark, Rochester; 8. Hansen; 9. Christianson; 10. Matt Edwards, Austin.


First heat -- 1. Jeff Brauer, Rochester; 2. Tony Shaner, Owatonna; 3. Rick Lisowski, Faribault. Second heat -- 1. Gullickson, Stacy; 2. Mitch Thompson, New Richland; 3. Deven Sutter, Lyle. Feature -- 1. Brauer; 2. Gullickson; 3. Sutter; 4. Thompson; 5.Steve Eischens, Taopi; 6. Shaner; 7. Barber, New Richland; 8. Bruce Radel, Owatonna; 9. Lisowski; 10. Luke Stevens, Albert Lea.



First heat -- 1. George Sniezek, St Joe; 2. Ron Skalicky, Claremont; 3. Matt Stark, Austin. Second heat -- 1. Kenny Wytaske, Brownsdale; 2. Juan Hernandez, Blooming Prairie; 3. Mike Anderson. Third heat -- 1. Peterson, Elk River; 2. Mattson, Brainerd; 3. Greg Pfeifer Jr, Austin. Fourth heat -- 1. Larry Nelson, Freeborn; 2. S.Anderson, Phillips WI; 3. Jade Anderson, Owatonna. Feature -- 1. Wytaske; 2. S.Anderson; 3. Stark; 4. Mattson; 5. Peterson; 6. Nelson; 7. Hernandez; 8. Mory Johnson, Austin; 9. Sniezek; 10. Dain Schultz, Owatonna.


First heat -- 1. Craig Shaw, Elkton; 2. Dan Wendt, Spring Valley; 3. Van Riper, Glenville. Second heat -- 1. Brian Shaw, Brownsdale; 2. Jeff Jech, Austin; 3. C.Lewison, Rose Creek. Feature -- 1. Jech; 2. Wendt; 3. C.Shaw; 4. D.Lewison; 5. Dave Anderson, Lyle; 6. J.Dahle, Hayfield; 7. Van Riper; 8. Ryan Hegna, Austin; 9. Goergen, Adams; 10. C.Lewison.


First heat -- 1. Sorenson, Rochester; 2. Jimmy Davis, Janesville; 3. Doug Hilson, Blooming Prairie. Second heat -- 1. Steve Wetzstein, West Concord; 2. Houdek, Owatonna; 3. Mehling, Grand Meadow. Third heat -- 1. Jim Miller, Duluth; 2. Todd Stinehart, Waseca; 3. Wally Bustad-Austin. Feature -- 1. Davis; 2. Stinehart; 3. Pete Gronvold, Grand Meadow; 4. Wetzstein; 5. Mehling; 6. Dave Wytaske Jr, Mapleview; 7. Darwyn Karau, Kasson; 8. Hilson; 9. Ronnie Ross, Brownsdale; 10. Bustad.

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