Democrats are disingenuous

Democrats have controlled Congress for two years and now control the White House. Blaming Bush no longer works.

President Obama hopes his Afghanistan "surge" ends as well as Bush’s Iraq war did. Our compelling president has confronted a "Change" challenge.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was evasive about his American International Group connections while director of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, as well as his more recent role in the AIG bonus debacle. Then-candidate Obama received huge AIG campaign funds. So did Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., who was disingenuous about his role in the bonus boondoggle.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac enriched Democrat Rep. Barney Frank’s campaign coffers, but now Frank wants to punish enriched corporate executives. Janet Napolitano, Obama’s politically correct Homeland Security Secretary, prefers the phrase "man-made disasters" to "terrorism." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said enforcing illegal immigration law is "un-American." Dictator Hugo Chavez wished Obama well "on the road to socialism."

The orchestrated White House attacks on critics aren’t working. The Congressional Budget Office has warned officials about the repercussions of the multitrillion dollar deficit.


Former President Bush, who remained upbeat when Democrats wanted his policies to "fail," is looking better already.

Tom Ostrom


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