Dial Tones: A wide variety of tunes to choose from

Punk-pop, Minneapolis-based future funk, '70s-era songwriting and philosophical country music: This weekend you can have it all, if you know where to look.

Things start on Thursdaynight in the tastefully decorated subterranean lair of The Doggery, when Alex Maryol, a singer/songwriter who draws comparisons to Ben Harper, The Rolling Stones, and Big Head Todd and The Monsters, takes the stage. If comparisons aren't enough to go by, the videos section of his website, , features a handful of good examples; I'd recommend starting with "Here," a sunny ode to a relationship.

On Fridaynight, Kathy's Pubis bringing Herschel and the Detaineesall the way from Minneapolis. Led by singer, actor, and model Herschel, this outfit smashes funk, reggae, pop, hip-hop, and soul into a cohesive sound that furthers the tradition of the genre-bending Twin Cities music scene. They start at 8 p.m.

Herschel is best known for his single, "Out of My System," a childish Gambino-esque tune about the process of exorcising the influence of an ex from his mind, body, and soul. It's a slickly produced hip-hop/pop combo, but elsewhere, like in the videos of he and his crew performing at the Dakota Jazz Clubback in 2012, there's a more organic, reggae-tinged vibe going on.

For a taste of the funk, head over to Herschel's Facebook page, .


Herschel's crew isn't the only emotionally honest band making its way down from Minneapolis on Friday night . Kill Me Kare Bare, an emotive pop-punk band, is plays the North Star Barstarting around 9 p.m. Their set at the North Star is one of their first since they took a nearly year-long hiatus from playing shows to focus on writing new material.

If they've stuck to the formula exhibited in their single "Hot Hot," viewable on Youtube ( ), you can expect big hooks, loud guitars, and an engagingly earnest frontman. For more about the band, check out .

Things take a contemplative turn on Saturdaynight, as both Kathy's and the Wicked Moosebring in deep-thinking singer/songwriters.

Kevin Presbrey, a native of Chicago who last played the Rochester back in April, will play his thoughtful brand of alternative rock at Kathy's starting around 8 p.m.

The songwriting on his latest album, "Dust Unto Dust," is rooted in the 1970s folk-rock scene, with touches of America, The Eagles, and Jim Croce sprinkled throughout. Fun fact: the record was produced by Ryan Hadlock, best known for his production work on The Lumineers self-titled album. You can stream parts of it at .

Presbrey's live shows oscillate between intimate numbers and high-energy presentations of his original tunes and covers by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, and The Lumineers. If you're lucky, he'll even break out his ukulele for a few songs.

Over at the Wicked Moose, rising country artist Adam Waynewill play a set starting at 8 p.m.

Wayne possesses a classic country voice that is well-served by his often philosophical lyrics. The title track of his debut album, "Down Every Road There's a Rodeo," seeks to make the world a little smaller by pointing out the similarities between Minnesota, Louisiana and everywhere in between, while his second single, "Good Pennies Keep Coming Back," uses pennies as an extended metaphor to great effect.


He's been getting play on radio stations across the country, so don't expect to be able to see him at an intimate venue like the Wicked Moose for much longer. Check out his songs at .

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