Digital Mike: A farm friendly blog is worth the visit

Farm time is busy in the spring and a notable regional author keeps us posted on happenings at the farm she and her partner run north of Zumbrota. I've noted this blog in the past, but it seems like it's the season to give it a mention again. Read on.

Farming and writing with Catherine Friend

Catherine Friend is a gem to have in this region. Never heard of her? She's an author, farmer, knitter and community event organizer -- at least those are some of the things I know she's done. Best known as the author of "Hit by a Farm," her book about setting up a farm with her partner north of Zumbrota, Friend also keeps a blog with updates on her activities, which run from writing to farming to just enjoying life in southeast Minnesota. Check it out. She even clues you in on when to expect her next book. Can't wait.

Rochester International Film Festival


P-B reporter Matt Russell clued us in this week on the lineup set for the 15th annual Rochester International Film Festival, but I thought it was worth it to mention their website. Technically, it's not dazzling. In fact, it's blah, but what I like are the links to trailers for all the movies. I've not seen any of these movies, and I'm guessing most of you haven't either, so the attachment of trailers helps you decide some of your movie going choices. Give it a look.

Couple to walk around Lake Superior

You probably saw P-B reporter Elliot Mann's story earlier this month about Mike Link and Kate Crowley, the couple who plan to walk around the 1,800 miles of shoreline of Lake Superior. They've got a nifty website set up to chronicle their adventure trek. It's one of the wonderful things about technology. They'll be posting information on their efforts and logging the miles, so you can see what's going on with their walk around the big lake. Bookmark it, so you can check in for updates.

New Coke

Are you a fan of Cokelore? That's news and information about Coca Cola. Did you celebrate the 25th anniversary of the unveiling of New Coke on April 23? Probably not. If this seems foreign to you, give this a look. It is the official Coca Cola site so you'll get the corporate version, but it is a mark in, pardon the pun, pop culture.


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